Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hey, I’m Miles I’m from Sydney, Australia. I have been lucky enough to spend time travelling in Europe, New Zealand and Morocco. I recently graduated as a paramedic from University. I have done many multi-day hikes but this will be my first long trek. I am in decent shape but not looking to rush anything. I will be arriving in Kathmandu on the 17th of March. Looking for some trekking buddies. I am currently undecided about the exact route and open to any suggestions/changes of dates to suit you guys.



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  1. you might want a guide! if yes, I can recommend some.

  2. Hey, Miles! I’m currently volunteering in Kathmandu. I will finish working on the 15 of March and I am also thinking on doing the AC around your dates. I have done some short 3-4 day trekkings before but this will also be my first long trek. I am in good shape but want to take it easy with this trek and enjoy the experience! Let me know and maybe we can be trekking buddies 🙂

    • Hey Mariluz. Sorry for not replying for a while. It sounds like your plans match up perfectly with mine. I’m quite flexible on my starting date and I imagine you will probably want a few days to relax before starting a trek. Do you have any preference for dates/routes/guides? I was thinking of hiring a guide for a small group of us to keep costs low and not get lost. Let me know what you think.

  3. Hello Miles & Mariluz,
    I like your spirit and attitude. It perfectly aligns with mine.
    I will be free on 18/3. Considering all the issues around altitude sickness I am kind of thinking of going for a “trial”, ~week long trip to Langtang. It also has pretty good nature, and a set of beautiful lakes at ~4100 above sea level.
    I will come back to KTM for a day after to take care of few things – you can easily spend it going around the city.
    After that I want to set off towards Annapurnas, and returning for good on 15th April, give or take a day. I also want to take it easy, in a small group of 2-4 people who don’t mind going on a low budget. In guesthouses here you pay per room so you need the group to agree on this. They will typically have 1 or 2 beds. (Here it is common to share beds but sometimes floor is good too!)
    I live close to KTM now, so I can help with setting things up and all that as well.
    Let me know 🙂

    • Hi Vojta! I will be flying out of Kathmandu around the 10 of April which means I would need to finish the trekking on the 7 more or less to have one day back to Kathmandu and one last day to rest/organise things. I finish working on the 15 and will need a 2/3 days to get the permits and get to Pokhara. That would still give us around 19 days for the trekking. Let me know if the dates would be ok for you 🙂

    • Hi Vojta. Thanks for the message! sounds like your a smart man wanting to do a trial run. I will be flying out of KTM on the 13th of April so it might be difficult to fit in both Langtang and Annapurna. So I’m in the same boat as Mariluz. Let me know if your flexible or pretty set on your current plans.

    • Hia,
      thanks for the answer.
      I could definitely switch it, I suppose with more people having 0 experience we’d have to be taking it slow either way.
      As for a guide I’d prefer not to. There are plenty of maps, including detailed offline maps and day-to-day itinerary break downs (check Reports section here for some examples) so I don’t think they are necessary.
      Ultimately I don’t care in which direction I go, so I am not that bothered with that.
      Regardless of what happens I am ready to move out of KTM on 18th, which would be the most convenient date for me, but I suppose I can move that by a day if need be.

  4. Hey guys!

    I will be in Kathmandu in the middle of March and I really want to do this AC thing. I have decent experience in long treks but never on such high attitudes. So, I would like to do it in relaxing pace, enjoy the adventure and good company, take lots of photos and feel this place 🙂
    I will be more than happy to be your trekking buddy!


    • Hi Anastasia! That sounds great to me! I will be free from the 15 of March and will be flying out of Nepal around the 10 of April so that would gives us time to complete the AC at a relaxing pace and have some free days to rest back in KT or Pokkhara 🙂

    • Hey Anastasia. Thanks for the reply! I would love for you to join our AC group. Let me know if you have any preference for dates/routes/guides and we’ll start making some plans.

  5. Hi guys! I’ll be arriving in Kathmandu mid-March too and am hoping to do the Annapurna circuit while there. I’ll be there from 16th March and leaving 14th April so it seems my dates are pretty compatible with yours! I also want to take the route at a relaxed pace in order to really enjoy it. It would be great to join you – let me know 🙂

    • Hi Emily! That sounds great! I think we are all looking into going to Pokhara on the 18, have a rest day and start the trek on the 20.That would give us plenty of time and you would have 1/2 days in KT to get the permits and if you need to buy any gear 🙂

    • Hi Mariluz! Sorry for replying so late I’ve not had much access to wifi the past week. That sounds perfect to me, I’m definitely up for joining you guys. Do you have any more plans about the route you want to take and whether you’ll use a guide or not? I’ve heard it’s really easy without, and that you can follow some nice detours to get off the road

  6. Hey Emily! those dates line up perfectly with Mariluz and myself. Mariluz is the best person to speak to about the specifics because she’s more on the ball than myself. Hopefully you can join us!

    • Sorry for getting back to you all so late I’ve been on an island with very little internet. Great, yeah I hope so!

  7. Hey Miles & Co. !

    How long are you guys thinking this trip will take you? I’m planning on leaving Nepal somewhere around the 5th of April, but haven’t booked any flights yet. It would be great to join you, since I also want to take it easy (this being my first high-altitude trek) and this seems like a cool little group coming together!

  8. Hey all 🙂

    I have the feeling you guys are the group I have been looking for!
    I will be arriving on the 15th in Kathmandu and am looking to start the circuit several days after that. I have lots of time in Nepal and am not stuck on a date I need to be back. I would love to take it slow and enjoy the trek without feeling rushed, so it seems that we all have a similar idea on this!
    So is there still a spot for one more on your trek?

    • hi Annelies, great to hear that your dates are similar to ours. I’ll get back to you as soon as i can.

  9. Hey Miles (and everyone else).
    I’m a little late to the game here having only just found out about this site. I was hoping to meet people in hostels/on the bus ride to the start, but you sound like a pretty likeminded person to do this with!

    I’ve also done a good bit of wild camping but this is my first long trek. I’ve estimated to take about 25 days including a good few side trails etc. and to account for other things.
    I arrive in Kathmandu on the 15th, and plan to start on ir around the 20th. I too am not rushed and have three months here – is there space for one more in the crew?

    • hi george, its great to hear that your dates are similar to ours. I’ll get back to you as soon as i can.

  10. Hey gang, currently kicking around Pokhara wanting to start the AC soon. If anyone wanted to meet in Pokhara that would be cool. I’ve heard it’s pretty difficult to get lost on the route, I’d prefer to go without a guide.. I’ve had a reasonable amount of experience, but none in high altitude so def in favour of taking it easy 🙂 Kat, UK