Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hey travelers!

I’m planning on doing the Annapurna Circuit during June. I’m going to be arriving in Kathmandu on June 6th, and I plan to start the trek on June 7th and finish on June 27th. I’m a 21 year old male from Michigan, USA. I have backpacking/traveling experience around the US and New Zealand, but this would be my first experience with high altitude trekking. I’m looking for a hiking partner to join me on the Annapurna Circuit in the off season. Hope that you can join me on this trek!




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  1. Hi!

    I Have been looking into doing the circuit after finishing a nursing internship in Kathmandu (done June 4th). Your dates align pretty perfectly with mine!

    I’ve backpacked through China, during which we did some short treks (Tiger Leaping Gorge) and another hike at Namtso Holy Lake in Tibet, where I got hit with some pretty bad acute mountain sickness, but it hasn’t discouraged me from trying high altitude trekking, in fact it kind of inspired me to try more. So long as we’re taking our time and listening to our bodies when it comes to the Thorung La pass ! Seems like it’s pretty well set up for a reasonable ascent anyway.

    Look forward to seeing if we can link up, I like your budget, was hoping I could get away with the same.



  2. Hi you two. 🙂 I’m arriving in Kathmandu on the 29th of May, departing 29th July.

    Whilst my loose plan was to go to EBC first, I’m flexible. (Yeah, I know it’s monsoon, but I’m still going to check out the world’s most majestic mountain)…….

    If I were to join you, I’m more than happy to go slow. Whilst I live in New Zealand, and regularly do alpine treks, they are nothing like the altitude experienced on the Annapurna Circuit. So yeah…. Let’s take it slow, stay healthy, and enjoy every moment. 🙂

    And yes, I too am budget-conscious….

  3. Hey guys! Thanks for your responses! I’d love to have you join the trek with me. In terms of taking it slow, I actually made an itinerary (using the lonely planet guidebook as reference), listing out the elevation gain per day as well as how long I was planning on hiking per day. This itinerary also takes acclimatization into account, as well as buffer days, so hopefully we won’t have a problem with altitude sickness. Here’s the link the itinerary.

    Let me know what you think of this, and if this seems to work for you. Also, feel free to message me on here, or facebook, or even email me ( if you want! I’d love to hear about your previous adventures!! Look forward to talking to you guys soon!

    • Maybe it is necessary to take one more acclimatisation day, since the Himalayan Rescue Association recommends three, but probably one could decide about that there and take another side trip on that day.
      In general, I think it’s a good plan and it’s good to take time – you never know before about weather and body conditions. And since the lonely planet guide has probably already been used by many travellers, the recommendations given there should be reliable.
      Even though, I think it is necessary to get the latest map in Kathmandu.
      I have also been reading the lonely planet guide and am planning my trip after it 😉

    • Yes, I agree with you that we should take it slow for acclimatization purposes. I added 3 buffer days to my itinerary to plan for that. However, the tilicho tal side trip (which I was hoping to do) counts as a 3rd day of acclimatization (according to the lonely planet). Nonetheless, I do agree that taking it slow to avoid AMS would be a good idea.

  4. Hello, don’t know if you guys are taking on more recruits, but I’ll be arriving in Kathmandu May 29th or so and staying in the country until the middle of July (or later) I too made an itinerary for the Annapurna circuit using the Lonely Planet’s recommendations. I plan on adding the Nar-Phu valley and the upper Mustang to my Trek as well. A little about me, I’m a 19 year old college student at BYU in Utah (USA) and have budgeted $3,500 for this adventure! Hope to hear back.

  5. Count me in Evan! Sounds pretty good. I was going to do some kayaking/rafting; I can do that prior to your arrival on the 6th.

  6. Hello!
    I am Leonie from Germany and am at the moment volunteering in an orphanage Sri Lanka. Me and another volunteer – Tim from Denmark – would like to go trekking in Nepal after our voluntary service and your dates would align quite well!
    I have been trekking in the alps in Nothern Italy, but except for this I don´t have much experience. Going trekking in Nepal is my dream since a long time, so I am really happy that finally have the chance to go there.
    Are you taking some more recruits or do you think this group would be to big if Tim and I would join?
    Otherwise I am also grateful about tips or we can share our experience!

    • Hey Leo!

      I would love if you guys join us! I’m always down to meet new travelers, and learn about their experiences. And your volunteering in Sri Lanka sounds like an awesome experience that I’d love to learn about!

    • Hey Evan!

      I am sure we will be having an awesome trip!
      And it’s cool that we are all coming from different countries 🙂

      Our flight back is unfortunately already on the 28th of June, so if we take to long for the Thouran La Pass we might have to leave you already in Tatopani which would be 2 day trips before Pokhara.

      Maybe we can all meet up in Kathmandu before the trek.
      I am there after the 1. of June anyways.
      Tim will be doing some workaway in Nepal from the 13.5 up to the beginning of June, probably close to Pokhara.

      We are really looking forward to Annapurna! 🙂

  7. My plans have changed as I have found one of my friends from the states who is willing to go with me. I am bowing out of this group. Thanks anyway.

    • No worries! Have a good time on your trip!

  8. Hey everyone!

    I would like to get a better idea of who is all committed to this hike. If you’re serious about doing this hike, can you send me a message at, or find me on facebook and message me there.

    Also, here is the itinerary that I created, if anyone is interested.

    I look forward to talking to you soon!!

  9. Hey Evan!

    Im planning on doing the trek in early june aswell, so would be cool if i could join you guys. Im gonna send you message on facebook, thought i should just post here first.

  10. Hi Evan. As you’re starting a week after I arrive in Kathmandu, and I’ve found someone to do the Three Passes/EBC with me on the dates I want, with the extra side trips, I’m going to do that instead, and do Annapurna in July. All the best!

  11. Hi Evan,

    Your plan seems so inviting. It best fits my budget and timing. The only thing is that I’ve never tried trekking like this for a couple of days. In other words, I’m a beginner in this field. Anyway, I’m flexible and can adapt myself in no time. I will send you an email asking about the details.
    Best Ehsan :))

  12. Hi Evan (and group!)

    I am looking at going to Nepal in this time frame and want to do the Annapurna trek as well! Just wondering about the planning of this all still?


  13. Hi Evan and group,

    Just dropped you an email!
    Looking forward to your repsonse.


  14. Hi guys,

    This seems to have shaped-up really well, with a great bunch’a folks, and a good itinerary! Would certainly like to join. [I have long wanted to do Annapurna Circuit, but am not sure how I could manage to take off for 20 days. However, the enthusiasm and energy on this thread is pushing me to make it happen…!] 🙂


  15. He Evan and the rest of the group!

    I would love to join you during the trek! I love to hike and I’m super excited to do Annapurna as everybody is telling amazing stories about it! I’m not that experienced but very easy the only thing is that I would like to do it as low budget as I can but being comfortable enough as well of course. I’m in Pokhara already so if anyone is here as well already maybe we can meet up before!

    Lots of good vibes and some love!