Annapurna Circuit Trek


I am Lea, I am 20 years old an at the Moment I work in Cambodia as an english teacher.

In Nepal I would like to hike the Annapurna Circuit trek. Because I am alone, I am searching for some travel partners. I already got a guide who cost 30 dollar per day, wich is a fair price. The route is not strict and we can decide by ourselfs in wich way we want to walk the Annapurna Circuit trek! I hired the guide, because I think it is more safe, and it is more easy if someone just knows the route:)

My starting date for the trek ist very flexible. It only has to be between 18.February and 10.March.

For me it is important to take it easy, do some sidetrips as well.

With my family in Germany I am often hiking in the alps in Italy. But I have no experience in such a long trip and such high areas. Also I love the mountains and at home I went climbing almost every week.

If our plans get together, please send me a message.

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  1. hiii

    u I am too plannung the AC circuit around first week of March and it would be great if we form a group
    i have trekked Dolpa circuit last year and well familiar with Nepal and hope to land in Pokhara in last week of february


  2. Hei! Im from Finland and im very interested of doing the Annapurna Circuit trekk, but dont want to do it alone. I havent decided or planned anything yet and i would like to start in march as well would be great to find someone to do the trekk with

    All the best,

  3. G’day, I’m 23 from Australia and looking for some peeps to do the AC trek around the first week in March. I heard the Thorung Pass is still a bit unpredictable in February so late Feb early March sounds great 🙂 I haven’t got any set plans yet, just keen to meet up with a few like minded hikers 🙂

    Daniel Jonas

  4. Hello all
    I m planing to do ac start from begining of march.
    Is there is still some spot for me?
    I did rhe ac on 2014 and would lovely to do ot again.
    Feel free to add my facebook so the notification is earlier to response
    My facebook name is ariel stevan

  5. Hi i want todo it aswell, start around 28th feb, preferablywith a carrier. I have the same experience and also not into high pace

  6. And don’t want any money from anyone I can pay my own.
    Thank you.

  7. Hi I am Dharam from India i am Sculpture Artist and I am too much happy when I visit mountains nature and every year I trekking mountains 3 times and I done 10 trekking points in 1 year so I am crazy about hiking,climbing so if you want to join me then let me know and trek nonstop so that we can feel the our trekking experience and don’t use oxygen mask for climbing because it’s not good connection between mountain and us so if you use oxygen then it’s feel like wall between you and mountains and you lost the relationship with mountain so please let me know guys if you want to join me on my next trekking points.And you can contact me.

  8. Hallo Lea,
    Ich weiß ich bin ziemlich kurzfristig dran, aber vielleicht ja doch noch nicht zu spät? 🙂
    Dein Plan klingt super und deckt sich wunderbar mit meinem. Ich hätte Zeit zwischen dem 4.3. und 20.3., da ich spätestens am 21.3. wieder in Kathmandu sein müsste. Mein Flug geht nämlich früh am morgen des 22.3. Kurze Info zu mir: ich bin sehr easy-going und bin gestern von den Philippinen nach Kathmandu gekommen. Im Anschluss an meine Zeit hier in Nepal geht’s für mich weiter in den Iran. Wenn ich nicht gerade reise, studiere ich Psychologie. Ich würde mich freuen, wenn du dich meldest!

  9. Hi guys, is everyone sorted for their AC trek now? I’m a bit last minute but I’ve just arrived in Kathmandu as a solo travelled and I’m keen to join a group of people who are starting AC in the next couple of days if anyone has space! Rachel Slaski on Facebook if that’s easier – hope to hear from you!