Annapurna Circuit Trek

I am heading to annapurna circuit on march 4 th, i do not want to go with a guide but i would love to go with someone. I will be one day in kathmandu getting the permits and renting or buying some gear that i need. Then take the bus and start walking



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  1. I am planning for a trek in the same destination in first week of March. How long would you like to stay in Nepal? I have never taken a solo trek in the past.

  2. Hi. I am going to do the Annapurna Circuit in the same style as you, shoestring, bus and walk. I have lots of mountain experience, which is why I would prefer to be with someone. However, I don’t think I will get to Kathmandu until the 5th or 6th (I hope to buy my ticket in the next few days). If you want to meet up I might be able to catch you, if not I hope you find someone. Let me know what you think.

  3. Hei! Im from Finland and im very interested of doing the Annapurna Circuit trekk, but dont want to do it alone. I havent decided or planned anything yet and i would like to start in march as well 🙂 would be great to find someone to do the trekk with 🙂

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  4. Hello All
    I have a similar plan with you all
    How about if we make a discussion group in facebook
    My fb is ariel stevan
    Just add me