Annapurna Circuit Trek

Evening All,

Planning on completing the Annapurna Circuit trek starting in early Feb. I interested in doing it without a guide or porter and staying in tea houses. I recently did the EBC trek and am relatively fit but by no means an Olympian or an experienced trekker!

I’ve put 21 days but that’s just a guess really could change by a day or two either way to fit with anyone else’s plans.

Flexible on budget not wanting to spend the earth as everything is very reasonable so it’s not really necessary or even that easy to do!

Send me a message if the above is of interest.





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  1. Hey Gordon,

    I think I have about the same ideas! And a bit the same as Oscar as well I think:
    I am quite sporty but I haven’t done a long trek like this before. If we are with some people I’m comfortable without a guide I think! Also I have untill the end of february, so I have enough time for changing plans, so I’m flexible for side trips and not hurrying 🙂

  2. Hi! I’m Laura.
    I’m intersted in your treck!
    In my post I wrote that I would like to do the Annapurna Base Camp Treck, but I’m quite spontaneous so maybe I change my plans, it depends on the school where I’m doing a voluntary work and my schedules, because a friend of mine is coming and I have to fit everything… we will see!
    Do you have idea of which day you would like to start?