Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi there! I am Dalibor from Slovakia, 34 yo. Arriving in KTM on 7th of March a want to trek AC independently starting around 9th of March. Wish to do side trips (around Manang, maybe Tilicho Lake). Could be 15 days but I am quite flexible. I am pretty skilled trekker but not in rush. Wanna be well prepared for high altitude and enjoy every moment up there. Would like to find a good partner(s) here. Interested in travel companion even after trek as I will be travelling in Nepal till the end of March. Feel free to drop me a message.

Looking forward hearing from you.


1. Besi Sahar to Bhulbule
2. Bhulbule to Ghermu
3. Ghermu to Tal
4. Tal to Chame
5. Chame to Upper Pisang
6. UP to Manang
7. Manang
8. Manang to Letdar
9. Letdar to Thorung Phedi
10. Thrung Phedi to Muktinath
11. Ranipauwa to Kagbeni
12. Kagbeni to Jomson

Tilicho lake sidetrip
1. Manang – Khangsar – Tilicho Base Camp Hotel
2. TBCH – Tilicho Tal – TBCH or Shree Kharka/Khangsa
3. Back to the main route





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  1. Hey Dalibor! Sounds like a good trip. I’m keen to join if that suits you. Currently in the process of working out flights but I’ll let you know when I’ll be arriving in Nepal.

    • Cool Ben, it would be great. Hope you will sort the flights out soon.

  2. Hi Dalibor,

    I am planning to do the Annapurna Circuit trek as well.
    I am travelling in Nepal from the mid of February to the end of March.

    I also would like to set off around the first week of March and I would like to take easy and not to rush. About the route I am more spontaniously and open for the plans of others. I am a very funny and open person, and your post sounds very similuar to my plan. Also your profile looks very kind.

    I am also interested in a travel companion until the end of March, because I am travelling to Nepal alone and I think it is mor fun together! I am leaving from Nepal at the 31. March, so this would fit perfect!

    I hope to hear back from you and that we will meet in Nepal!

    Best wishes

    • Hey Lea!

      Thats sounds great to me. You look like very nice companion to travel with. Sure, its important to take care about each other in case of any difficulties. I have never been on such long trek in such altitude too. But I am prepared quite well and keen for adventure. On other hand I would like to walk in average pace (not too slow not too fast;)). I am open to create a group of 4-5 people. I can start the trek 8th of March as soonest. Are u in? 🙂

  3. Hey Dalibor,

    That sounds great!

    But to be honestly I don’t know how well I am prepared and I don’t know how fast I can do it. I was a very sportive person, but in cambodia I have not much time to do sports.
    If this is OK for you I am in:)

    • Cool Lea, I think you will be just fine:) I will send you a direct message so we can discuss it further.

  4. Hi Dalibor,

    I’m getting into Kathmandu on the 7th March and looking to meet up with some people to do the Annapurna circuit. Apparently it is easy to meet people but hey it would be good to know a few people from the get go. I will be in Nepal for five weeks so am in no rush – in the past I have gone at it a bit fast to the detriment of my knees. I’v hiked a fair bit before – done the south section of the GR20 in Corsica, Montenegro for a few days, lots of hikes in New Zealand and even the Tatras in Slovakia – one place where me and a friend went crazy on the first day and could hardly walk by day two! I’m a bit out of shape at present so I’m in the middle of a muay thai training camp to prepare myself a bit! If your interested I was possibly thinking about rafting the Trisuli river as apparently it is on the way to the start of the trek and is far better than spending your time in the back of a van! I’ll see though as I’d also like to raft the Kali Gandaki for a few days so I’ll see how I’m doing moneywise. So if your still after trekking partners let me know and we can meet up in Kathmandu!

    Cheers, Dan

    • Hey Daniel

      Great to hear from you. I am happy that you had a fun in Tatras:) It all sounds good to me. At this moment we are creating a small group to go AC trek. Meeting in KTM 7of March and leaving 8th or 9th to Besi Sahar. We have plenty of time and wanna to enjoy it in moderate pace with plenty of side trips. Rafting the rivers sounds great to me too. Do you have more information about it? I am also working on update of itinerary as I read about the route little bit. We can meet in KTM and get to know each other little bit before setting off.



  5. Hi Dali,

    Cool – we have a plan! I checked out the one day rafting trip and it doesnt look like it does a great deal of the river and some people complain that it doesnt feel that wild as you follow the road for quite sometime. I’m going to save my money and do the Kaligandaki for three days in late March/early April (after a day or twos rest from the hike:)) which is supposed to be one of the best shortish distance rafting trips there is. Looks like you can do it for just under 200dollars. If your interested let me know and I’ll message them for the both of us and anyone else in the group who fancies it. I think you can get six in a boat! Heres a website or two: Do you know where you are staying in Kathmandu yet – would be good to stay in the same place so we can hang out a bit before the trek. For some reason I only seem to be able to message you on here. Can you e-mail me directly as it’s probably a bit easier that way.

    Cheers, Dan

  6. Helo Dalibor
    Is there still an open seat available?
    Let me know

  7. Hey Dalibor,

    I’m planning to start the AC during the same time as you and need to flight back to Germany in the end of March. Until the beginning of March I complete an internship in Pokhara, but after that I’m flexible. I would like to do the trek anti-clockwise ending in Jomson and maybe plan some side trips. In Germany, I often go hiking and sometimes climbing, however, I haven’t been in this altitude before. What do you think about hiring a guide?
    Let me know, if you are still looking for trekking parnters! 🙂


  8. Hey Dalibor,

    Is there still space in this group? I’m arriving in Kathmandu on the 8th and travelling alone. I have been some training at the gym but I’d like to take my time and enjoy the area. If there is still space I’d like to join up.