Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi, I’m looking for a trekking partner for the Annapurnas circuit in late marts/beginning of April – since I haven’t requested for vacation from work yet I’ll be flexible with the dates (though I have to decide very soon).
I’m quite spontaneous and haven’t planned must only that I want to do the trek without guide/porter, solo or in a group of 2 maximum 4 people and I want to get the full experience out of it (nature, culture, everything)
So if you want to share the experience with me – let me know!

Oh yeah, about me? I’m an easy going Dane, 28 years old female with no high altitude trekking experience and only two previous treks (with backpack) of a maximum of 5 days but am in a good shape and possess the eagerness of pushing myself to complete stuff like this. Also I’m in love with the concept of meeting new people while travelling since other rules apply of speaking with strangers (who suddenly aren’t strangers anymore but now friends).




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  1. Hi! I’m Laura.
    I’m intersted in your treck!
    In my post I wrote that I would like to do the Annapurna Base Camp Treck, but I’m also quite spontaneous so maybe I change my plans, it depends on the school and my schedules, because a friend of mine is coming and I have to fit everything… we will see!
    Are you planing to go there first of february or end of march?