Annapurna Circuit Trek

I’m currently in Pokhara and have been planning on doing the Annapurna Circuit Trek and potentially Everest Base Camp afterwards too while I’m in Nepal. I’m looking for some like-minded buddies to share the experience with and for a bit of company along the way! I have some friends looking to start the trek around the 5th of February but I’d like to get started as soon as possible (anytime after the 22nd Jan) so I was hoping to find some fellow-trekkers that would be eager to start soon! I’m on a budget so would like to do the trek with as minimal costs as possible while still making sure I can make the most of it! I don’t have much previous trekking experience and this will be my first “BIG trek” but I hope this will be the first of many to come! If you’re game, hit me up!



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  1. Hi, I’m Oscar. As you, I’m planning to do the trekking with the less possible budget, that’s why I’m looking for a companion so that I won’t have to hire a guide, or at least to hire him with all the expenses by my account. I’d lake to start it the 29th january, as I want to be able to be in India for the 20th february. It muy be a little bit late for you schedule, but let me know if you’re interested! By the moment I’m staying in Lekhnath, half an hour from pokhara, so it wouldn’t be difficult to meet. Wish you a nice trekking!