Annapurna Circuit Trek


I am doing the entire trek in around 21 days where I am also planning to go to Tilicho Lake. After the 21 days I might head straight to the Annapurna Basecamp trek and you can join me there as well or simply proceed back to Pokhara.

I am quite new to trekking but I am very prepared! (I can’t tell you how many hours I have sat and read about this!) I would like to trek with other people for some company either the entire way or some of the way.

I will be arriving in Kathmandu 2nd of March to get permits and such in order and then going to Pokhara a few days after.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Me and Joe are forming a group. Let us know if you want to join by writing in here:



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  1. Hey Du

    There are a few of us planning nearly the same trip as yours, visiting Upper Pisang and Tilicho lake with some of us maybe renting mountain bikes for a down hill ride from Muktinath, stopping at various places on the way to final destination Pokhara

    I too am arriving on the 2nd March planning to start the trek around the 8th or 9th

    I am also planning to do AP base camp after but I will have a rest in Pokhara for a few days before attempting it!

    • Sounds great! I’ve looked at the others’ plans and it sounds like we’re all starting around the 8th/9th March. We should form a trekking supergroup 😉

      How much have you talked with the others?

  2. hi Du
    i have discussed with joe for a few times. i am glad to join the group. i think we can meet up before we start the trek.

    • Awesome Jiawei!

      When are you arriving in Nepal? And where?
      I’ll be landing the 2nd of March in Kathmandu and probably meeting up with Joe before going to Pokhara a few days later.

  3. I will be arriving by 4th March night (around 10.30pm). i think i will stay at Thamel as there have quite a lot of hostels or guesthouses. Maybe we can meet up somewhere around there.

    • Yes definitely! I’ll let you know once we’re closer to the date 🙂

  4. Me too!!! I’m getting there the 4th of March and have talked to Joe and JiaWei. I hear you have joined the group. Sounds great!

    • Yay! It’s going to be fun 🙂 Looking forward to meeting all of you!