Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi ! I am currently in Nepal doing some volunteer work and am wanting to do the Annapurna Circuit trek in 15 days. I am hoping to start just after New Year (2 Jan).
I’m hoping to find someone who enjoys a good laugh and is happy to go just with a guide.

Back home in New Zealand I am studying Communicatins at university and have done a few treks (but am no expert haha!)

Look forward to hearing from you if these dates sound okay 🙂

New Zealand


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  1. Hey Matt,

    It looks like we have similar departure dates, and of course, I love a good laugh. So I’d be down to join up!

    That being said, would you be open to leaving a day or two later? Either the 3rd, or ideally, the 4th? I arrive in Nepal on the 1st and need to get my permits and some winter gear (I just spent the last 2 months in southeast asia).

    Additionally, are you at all open to traveling independent? Or are you set on a guide?


  2. HI Matt!

    I´m also looking into doing the Annapurna Circuit and I´ve also just texted Joshua.
    I´ll arrive in Kathmandu on the 4th, so I´d like to start on the 6th, a bit later than you planned to, but maybe you would´t mind starting later?
    I need to be back in KMD by the 27th. I´m not sure if I can to the track in 15 days, so I´d probably plan 16-18 days. Just send me a message if you´re still looking for a trekking partner! Oh and I´d be open to do the track either with a guide or independent if there´s someone with me who´s really experienced.


  3. Hi Matt,

    I’m in Kathmandu now and want to get out to start the trek ASAP. Have you left Kathmandu yet? Also, are you set on taking a guide?

    • Hi Max ! I sent you an email but realised I didn’t really answer your question haha. I’m already in Pokhara and would consider going without a guide. Do you have a bit of mountain experience ? Also, I am keen to go ASAP now as my schedule has changed since emailing you. I can leave whenever. Look forward to hearing from you bro