Annapurna Circuit Trek

—————————UPDATE: I have a full group for now——————————–

I’m an independent traveler from Denmark and am interested in hiking the Annapurna Circuit from the beginning or mid March. I’m interested in following some of the natt trails to avoid the roads, but I am flexible. So if you are interested in doing this trek and, like me, would like to share this experience with hiking partners then I would love to hear from you.

I land in Kathmandu around march 7 and need a couple of days to organise the trek. On the trek I am in no rush and want to take my time and do some side treks. I have some trekking experience but it’s a while ago and not in this altitude. I am kind and easy to get along with. I hope to find like-minded hiking partners.

It would be great to meet a day or two before the trek in Kathmandu or Pokhara to get to know each other and maybe plan the trek together.

If you are interested I hope to hear from you:-)




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  1. Hi Rikke,
    I am also planning for Annapurna Circuit around same time. My dates are flexible and might have 1 more friend joining.

    I don’t like to rush on trek and enjoy the way. I am not a seasoned trekker, but did EBC around same time last year.

    I would prefer having a guide/ porter along. I have really good contacts from my last trek and would highly recommend them.


  2. Hi Rohit,
    Thanks for your message. I’m looking in to doing this trek without a guide to have more freedom on the way – to take a sidetrek or a rest when we feel like and not be on a schedule.

  3. Thanks for the quick response Rikke. My experience from the guide was really good and had the necessary flexibility to take sidetrek or rest. He even suggested some good options for side treks at times. and we changed our return journey to a lesser followed route than taking same route as we went to EBC.

    Nevertheless, feeling comfortable and enjoying is the key.
    Happy trekking !

  4. Hey Rikke! I have a pretty similar plan as you. Landing 7th of March in KTM and wanna start AC within few days. Im quite flexible, we can discuss things. Have a look a in my profile for more info. Would be great to go together.

    • Hey— did you want to team up?

  5. Hi Dalibor. I think I have a full group ny now, but I will let you know if there is any changes.

    • No worries. Enjoy it! Maybe we will meet somewhere overthere:)

  6. Hei! Im from Finland and im very interested of doing the Annapurna Circuit trekk, but dont want to do it alone. Do you still have room for one percon in you group? 🙂

    All the best,