Annapurna Circuit Trek

Namaste 🙂

I am Tamara from Germany and I am traveling to Nepal in March. I’ll arrive in Kathmandu at March 6th 2017 and I am planning to do the Annapurna Circuit starting some days after my arrival in Nepal. I am looking for trekking partners who want to join me for the hike. As I am staying in Nepal for 28 days in total I don’t want to rush during the hike, maybe also do some side trips to lake Tilicho etc.
I love to do sports and trekking but haven’t been in this altitude before.
Is anyone else planning on trekking Annapurna circuit during that time period? I hope to find some nice trekking mates to share this awesome experience 🙂



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  1. Hey Tamara!

    I am planning on flying to Nepal at the beginning of March to hike the Annapurna circuit and maybe do some side trips as well. I will likely stay a whole month so not in a hurry either. I would love a trekking buddy!


  2. Hey Tamara,

    Im Arjan from the netherlands. Recently was thinking of doing the annapurna circuit trek. Havent fixed any dates yet only that i wanted to go in March. I just started looking for someone to share the experience with. Havent done any really long treks or high altitude treks before, but have done some 2 day treks in myanmar. I also have plenty of time for doing side trips and other activities during the trek. Thinking of staying till around the 10th of april in nepal.

    You want to do the trek guided or havent decided yet about that?


  3. Hey Tamara! I’m Allison from the states! I arrive in Kathmandu on March 3rd and am also planning on doing Annapurna circuit. I’m in the same spot as you, I’m into sports and hiking but have never done this altitude before. I would love to meet up for the circuit! Are you planning on getting a guide? I think it’d be cooler without one, since it’s a heavily used trail and tea houses all along! I’ll be in Nepal for 2 months so I’m in no hurry at all! 🙂

  4. Hey Tamara,

    I’m Evan from Vancouver, Canada. I arrive in Kathmandu on March 1st and I currently booked to stay there for 3 nights to do some sight seeing. I was looking to do the Three Passes Trek originally but I am now leaning more towards The Annapurna Circut. I have done some lengthy two and three day hikes but I have never hiked above 3000m. I have played high level sports my enitre life and have always been in great shape. I am flexible with a start date as well, I am booked off from work until April 18th. Hope to hear back!

  5. Hey all! 🙂
    I’m also looking to do the Annapurna circuit in March. I’ll be arriving in the beginning of march and leaving at the beginning of April, so I have a month time, meaning I don’t want to be rushed on the trail and also do side trips 🙂

    Let me know if you are still looking for partners 🙂

  6. namaste all! i am also planning for Annapurna trek in the month of march.
    so guys pls share your plan . I haven’t trekked before. Are you guys thinking of guided trek or go without a guide? I know a trekking guide may be he can arrange everything. anyone already experienced with annapurna trek?

  7. Hey Tamara! Are you still looking for travel mates? Basically I have pretty same plan as you have. Arriving 7th of March in KTM and going for AC within few days. I am quite experienced trekker, but never been in such altitude. Wanna take it easy and enjoy it with other mates.

  8. Hi Tamara,

    I am also German and I am planning to do the Annapurna Circuit trek as well.
    I am travelling in Nepal from the mid of February to the end of March.

    I would like to set off around the beginning of March and I would like to take easy and not to rush. About the route I am more spontaniously and open for the plans of others. But I am also interested in side trips.

    I hopt to hear back from you and that there is a place for me in your group!

    Best wishes

  9. Sharing a guide won’t hurt. It only helps.

    Glad to provide you with permit and guide services!


  10. Namaste Tamara 🙂
    I am Brandon, I had to reply to this because of the Namaste! I hope to arrive in Nepal around the 6th and do the circuit with some fun people. With side hikes like Tilicho as well. I love active vacations and looking forward to the beautiful scenery and people and opportunity. However, I might arrive the day before and hope to find someone else. If you want to talk, let me know, if not, have fun out there!

  11. Hi Tamara,

    I’m getting into Kathmandu on the 7th March and looking to meet up with some people to do the Annapurna circuit. Apparently it is easy to meet people but hey it would be good to know a few people from the get go. I will be in Nepal for five weeks so am in no rush – in the past I have gone at it a bit fast to the detriment of my knees. I’v hiked a fair bit before – done the south section of the GR20 in Corsica, Montenegro for a few days, lots of hikes in New Zealand etc. I’m a bit out of shape at present so I’m in the middle of a muay thai training camp to prepare myself a bit! If your interested I was possibly thinking about rafting the Trisuli river as apparently it is on the way to the start of the trek and is far better than spending your time in the back of a van! I’ll see though as I’d also like to raft the Kali Gandaki for a few days so I’ll see how I’m doing moneywise. So if your still after trekking partners let me know and we can meet up in Kathmandu!

    Cheers, Dan

  12. I too am going to do anna purna circuit and base camp in march. Already done everest BC and many others. Loking for a travel buddy .

  13. Hello all
    Can i join this group?
    Do you already have a date to start?
    Please let me know
    Or add my facebook, so its easier to see the incoming messages

    • My fb name is ariel stevan

  14. Hey Tamara,

    I’m Hendrik from Germany and am planning on doing the Annapurna circuit in March as well, maybe with some side trips. Before that, I have to finish an internship in Pokhara until 10th March, but after that I’m flexible. At home I often go hiking and do some climbing, however, I haven’t been in such an altitude before. Therefore what do you think about hiring a guide?

    Let me know, if our plans may fit together. Would be great to join your group! 🙂


  15. Hi Tamara! My name is Danielle, I’m from Canada. I see you have lots of replies to your quest but I am planning on starting the annapurna trek on March 8th as well. I fly in to Kathmandu on the 4th and will spend a couple days getting permits and rewiring my sleeping hours. I am in no rush at all on the trek and would like to do as many side trips as i can. If you are still looking for another person to join you let me know! And if not have a wonderful hike!