Annapurna Circuit Trek

Arriving in Kathmandu via New Delhi on 1/21/17, I plan to depart and arrive in Besi Sahar on 1/26/17. I am just looking for a hiking partner to share the memories with and to have by my side just in case. Dates are flexible, just let me know!



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  1. Hey Quinn! I’d also be coming from New Delhi but would be looking to start the trek a few days later as I’d like to arrive in Kathmandu at the end of Jan- perhaps the 29th. I’d be keen to get my permit asap and bus directly to besi sahar, though. This would be my third time in the Annapurna region so I relatively familiar with the process. Let me know if this sounds like something that might work for you. Cheers!

    • Kailey,

      I would not mind switching my itinerary around to meet up and join you in this trek! Email me at, add me on Facebook, or just reply back on this so we can discuss details. Looking forward to hearing from you.


  2. Hey Quinn, I will be getting to Kathmandu on Jan 21st too, then I’ll be looking at starting the trek around the same time. It would be good to have some company on the trail and have a partner there to watch each others backs! I’ve got all the time in the world and might be doing some more treks after this one. I’d like to do the trek on a budget and keep my costs down as best as I can, but still make sure I’m spending enough on the stuff I need.. Feel free to add me on Facebook and we can chat on there! Link is on my page

    • Hi Robert,
      I’ll be arriving around the same time as you and am interested in doing EBC-Gokyo or 3 passes trek. Im flexible with my dates and would enjoy the company. I dont have facebook so i cant add you but you can whatsapp me +17184405805 or if you have Instagram you can add me there Uddin165

  3. Hello All,

    I’m interested in the Everest Base Camp Trek, as well as the Gokyo Lakes Trek.

    I land in Kathmandu last week of January (haven’t booked flight yet), and was hoping to fly to Lukla soon after to start the trek towards EBC and thereafter do the Three Passes. I am busy planning the trek, so if you would like to team up, we can organize the route together. It would be great to do this trek with a another person or a small group!

    Feel free to WhatsApp me on +17184405805 to discuss.

    Happy Travels,

    • Kaj,

      The 3 of us will be completing the AC trek but it appears that Robert and I will be heading to EBC shortly after. I have booked my flight from KAT to Lukla on 2/16, and will be starting the EBC/3 passes Trek (haven’t decided which one yet) starting then. The only contingency is that I have to be in Chukhung on March 1. Go ahead and add me on Facebook so we can communicate more thoroughly through messenger. I wish I had downloaded WhatsApp before leaving the US – i cannot validate my number now. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  4. Kailey,
    It seems our schedules are not going to line up unfortunately as i wont arrive in KTM until next week. I’m interested in the 3 passes trek also but am being told that the Cho La Pass is often blocked by snow. Is this true. In any even if you do trek any of the passes could you be so kind as to let me know of their conditions. If perhaps you have Instagram you can add me there at Uddin165
    Happy trekking!

    • UMM. sorry that message what for Quinn not Kailey :-