Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi! I’m interested in starting this trek from Besisahar and ending up in Pokhara over the course of 17 days.
I’ve done several long distance solo treks but this is my first time trekking in Nepal. I’ll be in Nepal for about a month and half. Planning on trekking Annapurna Circuit, Three Passes Trek and one peak climb (undecided which one). Hoping to find someone who also plans for early morning starts so we can also take a little time to enjoy the scenery.

If you’re interested, I would be starting around March 18th and ending around April 3rd.



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  1. Hi Linh, i am also preparing my trip at the moment. I will be in Nepal whole march and thought about annapurna as well. 🙂 I am just not sure yet if the main track will be too crowded? Your trip is fixed,or?

  2. Hi! I have a fixed start date because I am also doing the Three Passes Trek a week after completing Annapurna. I wanted to give myself some time to rest and prep for the next one. From what I’ve read, Fall is usually the busiest trekking season in Nepal, with Spring being the second. Mid-March is early spring season so I don’t think the trek will be as crowded as mid-April. I land in Kathmandu on April 16th, so I wouldn’t be able to start the trek much earlier than the 18th. I hope this helps to answer your question =) Cheers!

  3. whoops, I mean I land March 16th!

  4. Hey Linh, thanks for the reply. I am not sure yet because it also depends on friends who might join for trekking. Or I thought about renting a motorbike to be more flexible and see rual areas. But I will let you know before.

    Cheers. Chris

  5. Hi Linh, are you still planning on doing this trek?
    I’m planning to start Annapurna Circuit Trek around the same time, mid-March.
    I’m from Vietnam and this is my first trip to Nepal, some time for myself after a hard-working year.
    I always running and I think I’m in good health condition, I have experiences with solo-travel through Vietnam.
    Please let me know if you are open.
    Thank you

    • Hiya! Yes, I still am planning on doing this trek. I got your message via trekking partners with your email. I’ll DM you!

  6. How many person you are planning to have in the group? I may join if group size is not very big. I don’t like crowd much.

    • Hi Bhawani, it’s just me for right now! I don’t like large trekking groups either. Let me know if you’re still interested!

  7. After planning more in detail, I decided not to take a guide. If you stay with your plan. We might see us on the way.
    Safe travels. 🙂

    • Hi Chris! I decided to go without a guide as well. Will you guys be departing around the same time?

  8. Hey fellow Bay Area girl, I live in Oakland, woot woot! I so wish our dates matched up! If you have any flexibility on your dates look up my posts for both the AC and ABC in March.

    Happy trails,

    • Hiya Marcella! Unfortunately my flight is March 14th, so I can’t go any earlier than the 17th =( Keep in touch though! Perhaps we’ll cross paths?

  9. Absolutely! Thanks for the reply:)

  10. Hi Linh
    My third EBC and 3 passes trek starts around March 3?? – earlier if I go solo.
    Plan to be back around the 16/17th weather permitting.
    Was thinking of making my 3rd visit to the Annapurna Crt as I have friends to visit and paragliding in Pokhara
    Give me a heads up when you firm up your dates.
    My max group size is 4.

  11. Hey Linh,
    I’ll be flying into Kathmandu early March (5-10th just booking flights now) I’m looking to do the Annapurna unguided with a small group of experienced hikers. I do overnight hikes every weekend back in Australia and have completed a 2 and a half week unsupported hike in the outback of Australia a few years ago.

    • Hiya Ben! I just got back from doing the Overland in October. It was covered in snow! I’ll be in Bhulebhule today so If you’re also starting the circuit/already on, maybe we can coordinate.

  12. Namaste!!

    Please let me know if I could help you arrange your trekking permit and an authorized guide need (If you prefer) !
    Sharing a guide won’t hurt, it will only help.

    Happy to provide you guides of different personality, different nature.

    I am a guide myself and a trekker as well.


  13. Hi Linh,
    I’m planning on staying in Nepal from March 12th until April 10th and wanted to do the Annapurna Circuit Trek in the period of 15-20 days depending on the start and ending of the Trek so your plans would be suitable with my plans.
    I would be glad to find some travelpartners to enjoy this trip together.


  14. Hei,Linh 🙂 Im very interested doing the Annapurna trekk as well. great of you xould count me in 😉 I sent you a message.

  15. Hi Linh and everyone else 🙂

    I will be arriving in Kathmandu on 17th March and could start the Annapurna Trek any time after that. I am staying in Nepal for 5 weeks and would love to team up with similar minded travellers and do the trek together. Also wanting to do the Everest Base Camp in this trip, so if anyone interested, let me know 🙂



  16. hy linh…i can arrange your trekking annapurna circuit including all your expenses in 1720 usd per person.,,,although we can arrange this in cheaper price depending on your group

  17. Hi Linh & everyone else on this forum, i am flying into Kathmandu on the 15TH OF MARCH and and plan on starting the circuit around the 17th or so. If anyone else has similar plans message me and we can trek together!

  18. Hi Linh & evryone else 🙂
    I will be arriving in Kathmandu at the 15th of March and will be heading off to the circuit soon after that… I am looking for some people to start the trek off with, but am looking to take my time and go slow and enjoy… (I don’t have a time limit, and thus don’t want to feel hurried)
    I don’t mind starting with one group and then splitting up if our pase isn’t the same, its all about finding the right hiking partners!
    Is there anybody in this thread that would like to start the trek together and then see how the trek goes?

  19. Hi Linh, I was planning on starting on the same day and taking the same amount of time to do the circuit. My cousin and I are on Pokhara now and have heard that the Thorung La pass is closed because of the snow. Are you still planning to start on your he same date or have you got any advice on when to start? Thanks. Jess

    • Hi Jessica. I have heard the same and the wheather forecast predicts continuous snow until at least Tuesday… Since i have enough time, have decided to wait. I have also mrt a really nice guide and was invited for dinner with his family. He is from a reputable company and he proposed to guide me through the ruby valey at a very reasonable price. I think i will do that first and perhaps afterwards still the annapurna circuit if the wheather clears up. If you would like to join me or would like some more info, don’t hesitate to ask 🙂

    • Hiya! I’m starting the trek today taking a local bus from Kathmandu to Bhulebhule to save a bit of time that I could use waiting out weather at the higher elevations. If you’re accustomed to winter camping I think the pass shouldn’t present a problem if there’s been some melt and the snow pack doesn’t present avalanche risks. I’m giving myself a few days at yak kharka to wait for snow conditions to improve to cross safely. I’ve brought gaiters, micro spikes and plenty of insulation so as long as it isn’t whiteout conditions/Uber strong headwinds/avalanche danger I will attempt the pass with gps assuming trail isn’t detectable bc of snow. I think it’s easier to make decisions about the pass once at elevation and if you do have to wait it out for a few days, it will only further help you acclimatize.