Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi people!

Quick introduction, my name is Ben, 24 from Israel. Travelling for almost 6 month (well just started this trip). Done a few treks in south america and in Israel as well.

I want to do the Annapurna circut, without any pressure or much of time limit. Kinda flexible on the dates, plus I want to do it independent without a porter or a guide.

Btw I’m in Pokhara at the moment.

If you are up for this just text me,



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  1. Hello Ben

    Have you decided a date yet? I am actually in Pokhara and ready to make the trek. I am waiting for other people because it is more fun. I am a 26 years old French man. Do not hesitate to contact me back and may be we can meet before, or you can send me directly the departure date,

    Have a good day and see you!!