Annapurna Circuit Trek

I’m planning on starting the trek sometime this week ~oct 28 or so. I don’t really have a set schedule I wish to complete it by, I just have a flight out of Kathmandu in December. If anyone else is planning on taking their time through the trek and seeing lots of side treks that’s what I am aiming to do.



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  1. Hi Jacob I’m interested in doing the Annapurna circuit too. I will return to pokhara by bus from Jomson due to having to be in Delhi by a certain day. I really need to start it by 29th oct ideally. I have done the full circuit before however so I guess I’ve a bit of experience.

    Message me back if it sounds like a plan and maybe we can meet up for a beer tonight to discuss.


  2. Hey Jacob! You still looking for a trekking partner?

  3. Hey Jacob/everyone. I head to besisahar tomorrow. Are you still in the area or have you started already?

    • Hey Chris! I’ve booked a guide for the 30th and will take a bus from Pokhara to Besisahar that morning to start the trek! Have you booked anything yet?

    • Hi skye! I haven’t booked anything yet. I was planning on doing the trek independently but it does seem a little more responsible to tag along with a guide. What are your plans for the trek?

  4. Hi all, sorry I missed the replies. I am in bhulebule and did the first little bit today. Heading off tomorrow but I’m taking my time so you may catch up. Safe travels and hopefully I see you!