Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hey all,

I am Mac, 21. I get to KTM on the 31st October and I am looking to start the ACT on the 3rd/4th. I will be following the NATT trails with a few side-trips along the way (Ice Lake, Tilicho Lake etc). This trek will be done without guides or porters. I walk fairly quickly (geologist) but I am not looking to rush this trek (so many stops along the trail to rest and to take pictures).

I will most likely stay in Pokhara for a few days after the trek.

Feel free to send me a private message, I’ll be happy to provide my FB details where we could discuss the details.





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  1. Hi Mac, I am also reaching ktm on 31st Oct at 15.10. My plan ,route, pace, are all same as yours.I will include tilocho lake and poon hill. Will stay at pokhra in the end. Only difference is that I will start on 1st November as I will take return flight on 15th. So if you can leave Ktm earlier then we can trek together.

  2. Hey Sunil,

    I’m afraid I will not be able to leave this early. Best of luck!

  3. Hi Mac,
    I’m comming to Kathmandu in about 4-5 days. Than ill be moving to Pokhara and from Besi sahar i might start about the same day as you do. We might start together and see if it fits well.

    • Hey Tomas,

      Sounds like it may work out!

      I have sent you a private message with the link to my Facebook.

      Feel free to get in touch!


  4. Hey Mac, saw this profile and it looks similar to my one that I posted (at least the start). Am on my way to KTM now, but if you’re interested maybe we can meet up on the 1st and 2nd Nov and see if it works out. Am not on Facebook but have contact details on the profile link.

  5. Hey Mac, I start today (3th) from kathmandu to Besisahar with the bus, and start trekking, when do you start exactly? Maybe we could join?