Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hello folks,

My name is Nga from Vietnam. I am planning going on the Annapurna circuit trek in late April/early May. I, currently, have been travelling in India since last November and will be having a training until April 19th. I will head to Kathmandu then start the trek but can be flexible on the starting date and length of the trek. I’d hire a porter though, because of my back problems. If you’re also looking for a like-minded trekker, drop me a line!




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  1. Hey there! My name is Kari from Canada. I’d love to join you. I’ll be in Nepal around the 18th but I can wait until the 22nd to start Annapurna!! I’d really like to do the full trek. Also, I wasn’t planning on hiring a guide. I hope we can meet up!

    • Hi Nga and Kari! I’m Jennie from the States and I’m also looking at the Annapurna trek around the same time. Flights aren’t confirmed yet, but I was looking to get in around the weekend of the 18th and planning to stay around two weeks, maybe do a 10 day trek. Was thinking of no guide/porter but haven’t fully decided.

  2. Hi Ladies! I’m coming into Kathmandu at a similar time. I am traveling from Hawaii alone and would love to meet up with some travel mates to share the journey. I have never traveled in Asia so I’m really looking forward to stretching my legs! 🙂

    • Hey Lauren! you can shoot me an email (:

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    • yes, same for me, I don’t know why I didn’t receive notification of your post from January. Sorry!

  3. Hi ladies,

    Sorry for my very late reply as I am travelling around India and Nepal. I am in Kathmandu at the moment but will be back to India tomorrow for my training. Currently I have Robert from London who would join us in April. We would like to do some side treks as well such as Tilicho lake. I talked with a guide the other day and actually hiring a guide has an advantage that he can go ahead and arrange accommodation because it will be a peak season. Let me know what you think and start planning for our trip!

  4. Hello Nga

    I’m in KTM at the moment and I’d like to join the trip

    I also have a back problem and I would also want to hire/share a porter

    I’m not in a rush to complete the trek so I’m flexible on the side treks

    • Hey Joe,

      Thanks for your reply! Currently I have Robert from London and Lauren from Hawaii also joining the trip. I was in KTM last week but back in India for my training already. Yes to share a porter would be a great idea since I can’t load more than 10kg on my back and a porter can carry up to 15kg.

      I will be in KTM on April 20 and be ready for the trek on the 22nd. So far Rob and Lauren are also flexible on the date and other side treks.


  5. Hey Nga,

    How many have you got in the group by now? Looks like a good plan, I’d love to join in!


  6. Hey Everyone. I delayed my departure from Hawaii so I’ll fly into Kathmadu on April 23. I’m meeting up with a good friend from home and we’re hoping to depart a couple days later. We’re going porter free and might want to make a few stops/side trips so I’m not sure how we’ll keep pace with everyone else, but I’m looking forward to meeting you all even if it’s in the pub for a beer 🙂 Are there firm plans? What day were you all hoping to head out?

  7. Nga,
    I’m planning to head out of Pokhara on the 24th and take two days to get to Ghorepani. Maybe stay in Tikhendunga the first night. I plan to hire a guide at least and also have an interested person “Ty” from Canada (see Poon Hill section on web site) who is heading up the same time. I won’t be heading past Poon Hill, need to return to Pokhura to meet a friend on the 29th, but I’d love a partner heading up. Let me know if that might work for you.