Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hey y’all. I’m Silco from the Netherlands and just arrived in Pokhara, ready to start the AC trek within the next days. The initial plan was to start by myself and see who I’ll run into, but then I found this site whoopwhoop. So on a relatively short notice, anyone who wants to team-up let me know! I can start somewhere between the 16-18th.

I have no rush since I will be in Nepal for a while. So keen on any side treks and/or other crazy adventures.

Maybe see you soon, yeww!



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  1. Hey Silco! Saw your post on my trip. Cool! I’m coming to Pokhara tomorrow BUT I don’t have my permits yet…if I can get those sorted tomorrow afternoon then I might be able to join you Sunday! Let me know where you’re staying and I’ll try and find you 🙂

    • Sweet yo! My Advice is hitting up the acap office (for both permits) immediately after you arrive at the tourist bus station (I suppose you take a tourist bus) since it’s a 5 minutes walk! They do pasphoto’s on the spot if you might need these. I’m in north lakeside, let me know what your up to and we can do a meet up or something tomorrow 🙂

  2. Hi guys! I m also start in theese days, I take a bus from pokara to besi sahar on Monday morning! I go with my Nepali friend who know the montain.. Enjoy for all! (My English is not sooo good but I try and understand when the people speak) see you!

    • Hey Arianne! Sounds like a doable plan to go with the four of us. Maybe meet up tonight with you, your friend and Katie?

  3. My Nepali friend will come in sunday afternoon from i stay here in pokara with friend of chile, but he doesn t go with me for the trekking..we can meet of sure guys! Have you a Nepali number?

    • No nepali number but if you have whatsapp shoot me a message at 00 31 650 827 692. Same goes for katie if you read this 😉

  4. whatapp is with italian number is +39 340 3666140 guys..see you!

  5. Hey sorry I only just saw this! My bus arrived late and I didn’t get my permits and stuff today so can’t leave until at least Monday. Did you see the post from the Spanish couple? We could make a really good group 🙂

    Let me know if you’re still in town on Sunday.

    • No problem 😉 so yeah me and Arianne are up for leaving this monday! If the Spanish couple can join that’s great! You want to meet up tomorrow, than send me and/or Arianna a text on whatsapp!

  6. Yes katie, i was in contact with the spanish couple, they now go for do rafting and cannot leave until Wednesday..I would to go tomorrow (Monday morning) because my Nepali friend come today, but we can see and project togheter! You have our whatapp number..

  7. Hey Silco, I’m in Pokhara planning to go on a trek in the Annapurna region any time from 18th Nov -2nd Dec and am looking for folks to team up with. I’m planning to get my permits sorted tomorrow. Just in case you are still looking for someone else to join, let me know and I’ll shoot you more details about myself 🙂 Cheers, Mel