Annapurna Circuit Trek

Dear all,

Next week I’ll leave Holland for a trip to Nepal. On the 20th October I arrive in Kathmandu.
Really looking forward to do the Annapurna Circuit Trek and for that I’ve about 15 days time.
I have some experience with mountain trekking (last year Mt. Meru, Tanzania) and can’t wait to back on the mountains again.

I would love to experience the Annapurna Circuit with others! So, are you planning to trek around the same time?
Feel free to contact me!

Best regards,




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  1. Hi Meryl. Are you planning on hiring a guide? And what sort of accommodation – teahouses? I just posted a trip on here myself…I’m really flexible on dates. Maybe have a look at what I’ve posted and see what you think? Katie

    • Hi Katie and Meryl !
      Have you found someone ? I’m looking for partners to do the ACT. Already in Nepal I’m in Kathmandu for the moment. Would be happy to join you !
      Feel free to contact me !

  2. Hi all. I would also like to do the treck starting 24th or better 25th from besishar. If you are still in Kathmandu we could meet up and discuss the plans.
    Happy to hear from you, Chris