Annapurna Circuit Trek


I’m talking a nine month differed leave for work and starting with Nepal. I’m landing on the 10th of october in Kathmandu and hoping to find partners to do the Annapurna circuit 18 days (or so). I’m leaving on the 9th of november, so I’d like to get started not too long after i get there. I have treking experience. I’ve done many multiday trek but never 18. I’m just coming back from Peru in june and I did the Santa Cruz and Salkantay trek. I’m in shape but i’m not a super fast trekker. I’m debating talking a guide or not. I’m gonna carry all my gear.

Hoping to find partners, it’s my firs time on this site!!`:)



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  1. Hi Jude!
    I get in to Kat on Wednesday, and was planning to leave for Annapurna Thursday morning. Looks like we are on the same schedule! I need to be back in Kathmandu on October 24, so my plan is to fly back from Jomson. It’s a bit of a rush, but it’s this or nothing at all. I think 12 days from Besisahar to Jomson – including a rest day – is definitively not too aggresive. Want to join forces, for at least part of the trip? I have been to Nepal before – I am so excited to go back! Daniel from Sweden

  2. Hi Jude,

    I’m in Kat at the moment and keen to go trekking in the next day or two. Would like to be back on the 24th/25th october. Would love a trekking partner.
    Megan from Australia

    • Hi Megan,
      I get into Kat in a few hours. Want to leave Thursday, and also need to be back no later than 25. I’ll trekk with you if you need a partner. Check my profile. Swedish, used to live in Melbourne. Daniel

  3. Hey Daniel,

    Ill be leaving for pokhara in the morning. So looks like ill be starting the trek on the friday.
    Does that work?

    • Hi Megan. In Thamel now. I have arranged for transportatation to take me to Besisahar, and possibly even Bhulbule tomorrow morning. Leaving at 5AM. You are welcome to join. It’s already payed for. Plan to skip Pokhara. I need to be back no later than Oct 25 and my plan is to skip the initial stages in order to have more time to acclimatize at higher altitude (which is also more beautiful). Want to meet for a coffee/beer and discuss? I’m in Thamel now. Suggest a place and time and I will find it. Daniel

    • 5AM is awful, I know, but they say it’s better to leave that early to avoid the traffic. We should be in Besi by lunchtime, and ready to embark on the greatest trekk!

  4. Hi again Megan. Not hearing back from…I understand…getting online is drag in this town. But if you want a ride to Besisahar tomorrow I have a taxi going there at 5AM. You can join fo free but need to come to Acme Guest House at 5AM. Can’t explan where it is, can only say it is less than 100 meters from Kathmandu Guest House right in the middle. If I don’t see you, have a great trekk! Cheers!

    • Sorry Daniel, thank you so much but its going to be a bit too rushed for me. You have so much hiking experience i feel like ill hold you back.
      All the best on your trek. Sorry for the late reply, ive been out all day.

  5. Hej Megan,
    U still planning on starting the trek on Friday?
    I’m in Kathmandu right now but want to leave asap. Let me know