Annapurna Circuit Trek


I’m Xian, planning to do Annapurna trek from Besi Sahar to Pokhara. I’m currently in Kathmandu and planned to stay one more day here to prepare trek stuffs and then to take a bus to Besi Sahar on Sep.26th for the trek. I need to get back to Kathmandu on Oct.7th since my flight back home is on that day night. As for the trekking routes, quite flexible to skip or take other side routes depending on the timeline and situation.

I’m very looking forward to find trek partners who can be flexible as well. If u have similar plans and feel like we can share some part of trek, please feel free to contact me 😉



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  1. Hi Xian. I’m catching the bus to Besi tomorrow from pokhara maybe we can catch up there but I want to avoid unpleasant busy road part of trek so want to catch jeep to chamjie

    • Hi Marife, thanks for your reply! I’ll catch a bus to Besi from Kathmandu tmr morning as well. We can talk more when we meetup there? This is my phone number 9779861802767 and u can also contact me on whatsapp via +8615910723955.