Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi All,

I’m traveling to Nepal mainly to do the Annapurna Circuit Trek in November (with some other touristy things afterwards). Planning to start the trek shortly after flying into Kathmandu, so my dates are relatively fixed. Visited Nepal many years ago, did a bit of hiking then, but I always wanted to go back one day to hike the full Annapurna Circuit; so here I am. Was planning to do it independently, no guide; I remember the trails being well marked. I’m more comfortable going at my own pace anyways. Want to finish it in at least 16 days; as my flight out is fixed as well. I plan on a pretty steady pace, although I’ll probably be stopping constantly for pictures. I like to get a fair price for stuff, although I’ve got no fixed budget for the hike. Even though I’m totally prepared to hike Annapurna solo, some company along the trek would be much appreciated. So if anyone’s interested in hiking together, drop me a message.




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  1. i am landing on Nov 4, getting permits on 5th, plan to catch the bus/van on 6th, my flight out from Kath is on Nov 25. Happy to join force on all or part of the hike.. shoot me a msg!

    • I’ll also be arriving in Kathmandu on Nov 4; Nov 5th to get all my permits and arrange my ride to Basisarah the next day; and to start hiking on the 6th. Allocating 16 days to do the circuit. My flight out is on Nov 26th.

  2. looks like we have the exact same itin.. I just booked a hostel for Nov 4 and 5… if you’re interested, at the min we can meet on 5th to get the permits and perhaps head out to Besi on 6th together.. let me know. I can msg you my contact/whatsapp/wechat and we can go from there..

    • Sure, it would be great if we can try to head out together. I’m booked at the Kathmandu Grand Hotel for Nov 4 and 5. I do have whatsapp installed on my phone, but I’m not that familiar with it. How do I add you to my contacts on whatsapp?

  3. Hi folks, just want to know if you guys will be trek via Chame? If so wanna see can have the jeep shared.

    • This is my schedule:
      6th landed KTM and on the same day having bus to Basisarah.
      7th Basisarah to Chame.

      p.s. I have my own guide and trek w/ my dad. I aimed to find partner to share the cost of vehicles, if possible.