Annapurna Circuit Trek

I will be arriving in Kathmandu on Oct 19 and plan to start a trek a few days later. I am thinking the ACT but am not set on that. I am fine with either hiring a guide or going independently as it seems to be pretty easy to follow the ACT (but preferably not alone). I do a lot of backpacking and I like to hike at a good pace but not super fast. I expect to sleep mostly at teahouses but will be carrying my ultralight tent so can also camp when the weather is good. I like to stop for stretching/yoga when its warm in the middle of the day, and maybe take some of the side trips. Let me know if you’re interested in joining me….



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  1. hiii

    i am heading to Annapurna Base Camp trek around 20 October ,i did dolpo circuit and Rara lake trek last year
    i will traveling by bike to Nepal from India so you can also join me for bike touring around Nepal


  2. Hi Lisa,
    I am planning to do the Annapurna circuit trek starting around the 22nd. I am currently scoping out a recommended guide for local knowledge and trenslation. I am interested in taking it steady with some side trips along the way. Would be great to have a trekking partner to share costs and experience. I am also a yogi 🙂 message or email me if you are interested in chatting/ meeting. I am in pokhara now but have a local Nepal sim.
    See my post for more about my interests.
    look forward to hearing!

  3. Hi Gemma, I will be arriving in Kathmandu tomorrow (Wed) night so we can touch base then to see if you are still looking for a partner. I am inclined to do the trek without a guide but I’m open if you find one you really like.


    • Hi Lisa, I am in Pokhara presently, so let me know when you are here and we can chat.

  4. Hi Gemma, there was a delay in my flight, so unfortunately will not be getting in until Thursday evening.

    • Hi Lisa, Hi Andrea, if your arriving in Pokahara(?) Thursday eve, we could chat/ meet here? I am not planning to start trek until 22nd from Beshishara. I am deciding on a guide from here, if you are interested. i can email you my mobile contact and let me know if you want to chat. look forward to hearing from you. Gemma

  5. Hi girls ! I’m currently in Kathmandu and will be interest to join you ! Are you still looking for someone ?
    Lisa are you already in pokhara ? If not we can meet in Kathmandu and travel there together.

    • Hi Andrea, I just now arrived in Kathmandu and plan to stay here a couple of days before starting the trek. Let me know if you want to meet up.

    • Hi Lisa ! Send you a message !

  6. Well intrested to have trek together ☺

  7. Looking for hangouts after treks in Kathmandu 24-30 th Oct..only women need reply if interested .