Annapurna Circuit Trek

My name is Egon, I am 36 and from Austria. I am an experienced traveler and have done lots of high mountains and treks in the Alps, just love spending my time outdoors. I’m optimistic, responsible, witty person to trek with.
I will arrive in Kathmandu either on November, 12th or 18th. I haven’t booked my ticket yet ☺. This will be my first time in Nepal.

I’d like to do a trek Gokyo Lakes – Kala Pattar – EBC or the Annpurna Cercuit, but I’m flexible with my route. I’d like to begin with flight to Lukla or a bus to the Annpurna region either November, 13th or 20st and have approx. 20 days to trek. I am open to hiring a guide for the group or if I’ll find here more experienced partners, guide won’t be needed. No porters, would like to carry my own stuff, sleeping in tea houses.

If anyone would like to share my trek plan or chat more, just reply or send me a private message.

Cheers from Vienna!



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  1. Hi Egon,
    I was planning on starting annapurna on the 19th of November and keen to link up with a group.
    I’m 22, from New Zealand, and travelling solo around Nepal and India for 2 months.
    I dont have quite as many life or travelling experiences under my belt as you haha but have been tramping all around NZ and travelled mostly in SEA before now.
    Also would be keen to get a guide and split the cost… although I’ve heard you dont really need one … Also keen to carry my own stuff and stay in teahouses.
    Let me know if you’d be keen to link up in Nepal

    • Hi Bex,
      cool, sounds great, I plan to land in Kathmandu on the 19th of November, so earliest to start the trek is 20th. I am still on my own, but I am definitely interested in linking up with a group either for the whole trek or at least for the parts in the higher altitude. I think it is just a useless risk to go on your own in high altitude. But yes, you are right, the trek itself is pretty easy, a good friend of mine has done it on his own, wasn’t any problem for him, so as a NZ tramper, you will be fine, I am sure! 🙂 Have you found any other trekkers so far?
      Cheers from Vienna-egon

  2. Hello Bex and Egon,
    I love to join your group. I arrive in Kathmandu on the 16th of November.
    I am Astrid, 22, from the Netherlands. Sinds everything is flat and and this trip will be may first time traveling alone, I don’t have trekking and travelling experience. I have done some daytrips in the Alps and I am fit.
    I prefer to walk with a guide. I have contact with guides in Nepal. I am keen to carry my own stuff.
    Let me know if you’d be keen to link up in Nepal.


  3. hello astrid,
    we have already created a Facebook group for the annapurna circuit trek starting on Nov 20th, but we definitely do the trek independtly, but there will be a guy from Nepal joining us: ) or you can just friend Jerry Richardson on FB and he will add you to the group:
    Cheers Egon