Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hey all,
Easy going solo trekker from Sunny California looking to join a small group or partner up on this adventure. Hopefully we can keep cost low and make new friends!

Looking to do the Annapurna Circuit Trek from Mid November to Early December. Right now I am tentatively looking at Nov 17- Dec 2ish, I have not purchased plane tickets yet. Planning on getting a guide so hopefully looking to split the cost… I am still doing a bit of research to see if a guide will be necessary. Currently gauging interest, shoot me a pm or respond if you are planning on doing this trek during this time frame.

Oh, I’m looking to take some nice pictures and possibly do a little trail running on the side (I do not expect you to join me, but will be an added bonus if you like either activities)




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  1. Hi Jason,

    Cheers from sunny San Francisco, I am also a solo trekker looking for a partner to do Annapurna Circuit trek. I have book my flight, so my time in Nepal will be from Nov 6th to 26th, doing EBC first and looking for a partner for Annapurna Circuit trek after my EBC trekking.

    I am neutral to hiring a guide, it’s a popular trail and relatively low in elevation comparing to other trekking. But happy to have one and split the cost for peace in mind. I do love photography, will be bringing my DSLR with me for sure. and trail running, not sure about that at 5000 m elevation, lol.

    Ping me if you think timing works out and wanna do the Annapurna circuit together.

    • Hey Sophie,
      Cool, I’m also from San Francisco! I’m not quite sure our trips will line up since it looks like you will be leaving November 26th. I haven’t booked my flight yet but my plan is to arrive in Kathmandu around the 17th or 18th, I believe ABC takes about 15 to 16 days… My brother did the EBC trek about 2 years ago and passed along the contact info for the guide he used, so most likely I’ll be trekking with the same guide, If you’re flexible about the date you start the second leg of your trip, you’re more than welcome to join me (but, I’m not sure you will have enough time to do the entire loop). Seems pretty ambitious to do both the EBC and Annapurna circuit in 20 days, no?


  2. Hi Jason,
    Great, if I knew earlier, we could have booked flight together, to kill time for brutal 20+ hours of travel, lol.
    Yes, i am leaving on Nov 26th, hard date back to work, not so flexible, sadly. Yes, doing both in one trip is tough, but I am a pretty fast paced hiker, should be finishing EBC latest on 18th, also flying to Lukla and starting EBC from there saves me a couple days.

    For Annalurna circuit, if you read more about road construction in recent years, the last couple days of hike has been unnecessary, becomes dusty and loud due to newly built road/on going construction. I may do a short cut one, and fly back to Kathmandu from Jomson to save time 🙂 But you can keep going to finish the entire circuit, I may just do half circuit.

    Let me know when you have a more solid plan, I am definitely interested in joining for any overlapping part possible.

  3. Hi Jason!
    I was planning on starting annapurna on the 19th of November and keen to link up with a group.
    I’m 22, from New Zealand, and travelling solo around Nepal and India for 2 months.
    Also would be keen to get a guide and split the cost, I’ve heard you dont really need one, but you learn so much more about the area with a guide! 🙂
    Not so sure if I can keep up with trail running hahah! But snapping some amazing photos I am definitely a fan of, although an absolute amateur.
    Let me know if you’d be keen to link up in Nepal 🙂

    • Hey Bex!

      That’d be perfect. My flight arrives in Kathmandu on November 19th. I’ve been in contact with a local guide that my brother used for Everest Base Camp about a year ago. I’m leaning towards using a guide, but also wouldn’t mind saving a good amount of money to forgo the additional costs. I can pass along the details he provided me and we can mull it over if you are interested. Let me know how this sounds and I can send you the details.


  4. Hey mate,
    I’ll be in Kathmandu from 15/11 – 16/12. Im very keen to do Annapurna Circuit +- a few of the detours such as Poon Hill. I was also wondering whether a guide or porter would be necessary. I am leaning towards doing it solo though from what I’ve read it is good to hire porters as it provides jobs. I’m keen to share some/all of the trek with a good group of people so we’ll have to keep in touch to see if we can trek together.

  5. Hi,
    I’ll arrive in Kathmandu 18th November and I’m interested to join small group for the Annaourna circuit or EBC.

  6. Hi Jason,
    I’m currently in Kathmandu waiting for my Indian visa and would love to find a trekker partner/group for the Annapurna circuit. Sharing costs sounds perfect!
    I’m a solo female traveler and photographer from Portugal and normally I will be in Nepal until December 8th but I’m pretty flexible with my schedule.