Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hello I am planning to hike ACT starting on 10/16-17th. looking for trekking partners 🙂
I am planning independent trip and take my time enjoying the trail. I would like to take some 18 days or more and take some side trips and alternatives routes. My schedule is ver flexible and I can stay longer. I would like to find 3-4 trekking partners with the same mindset.



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  1. Hi Victor

    Are you still looking for people to trek with? I’m in Kathmandu getting ready to go 🙂


  2. Hey Katie,
    Yes I am still looking for people to trek… I will be in Kathmandu on Sunday morning
    When are you starting the trek?
    I am planing to start on Monday or Tuesday

    Victor H

  3. Hey man! Your plans sound quite similar as mine. I’m currently in Pokhara and want to start these coming days (preferably sunday), up for the side treks, alternative routes and some exploring. I’m not in any rush. Let me know if you want to team-up for the trip or a part of it!