Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi all,

I am planning to take Annapurna circuit in November. I haven’t decided the dates yet. Please message me here if you are interested to join.

A bit of copy-paste from CS, as it is pretty late now in Russia, and I am too tired to write much 🙂


I want to travel around the world, to experience different cultures and to exchange positive energy and good stories with people.


My name is Andrei, I am 26 old. I am an active guy who likes all kinds of new experience. My favorite “hobby” is traveling around the world and meeting new people. I also enjoy all the sport activities, but the most – jogging, swimming and climbing. I love to hear stories of other travellers or just other people, and I try to share some of my knowledge of the world around, too.


Be yourself and let others to be themselves.


traveling, hitchhiking, bass-guitar, reading, many kinds of sport




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  1. Hi Andrei, is Francesco, 31 Italian.
    Flying to Kathmandu on 21st October and looking forward to start the Annapurna Circuit on the 1st November or close …
    Since 2010 I spent 4 years in UK and 2 in Australia, at the moment I’m travelling in SE ASIA, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar and now Indonesia, Nepal is coming next … looking forward to hearing from you .. cheers.

    • Hi Francesco,

      Actually I changed my plans, arriving to KTM 05.11 and going on the trek around 09.11…


  2. That could be fine

  3. Hi guys ! Are you still looking for someone ? Will be happy to join !

  4. Hi Andrei, so are you departing from from the Kathmandu side on 9th November ? I’m already in Kat… spending few days in Chitwan 4th – 7/8th November, ready to start trekking on 9th ..


  5. Hey everybody! I’m looking to join a small group for a hike in early Nov. I’m flexible with timings and routes….arriving in KTM on the 31st october and was planning on firming up plans when I arrive. Hit me up if you’re still looking for people.


  6. Hello Andrei

    Have you decided a date yet? I am actually in Pokhara and ready to make the trek. I am waiting for other people because it is more fun. I am a 26 years old French man. Do not hesitate to contact me back and may be we can meet before, or you can send me directly the departure date,

    Have a good day and see you!!