Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi everyone! My name is Adam and I’m a recent graduate of the University of Michigan who will be spending six or so months traveling solo (mostly around Southeast Asia).

My travels begin in October with Nepal. While here I’ll be be trekking the Annapurna Circuit and would love a bit of company while out on the trail. I’ve done a bit of solo travel before but never any trekking that is as extensive as the circuit.

I arrive in Kathmandu on October 10 and am hoping to get started on the circuit sometime around the 13-16, I don’t have an onward ticket from Nepal yet so I’m still pretty flexible date wise.

Preliminary plan is to start my trek at Besisahar and to take my time moseying my way through the circuit following the NATT trails, soaking in the views and a bit of Nepalese culture as I go. While on the circuit I would love to take a quick detour to Tilicho Lake as well.

For me, so much of the value of travel comes from the people met, the conversations had, and the perspectives shared. In short I just want to travel the world and to hear the stories of others along the way. So yeah, I legitimately don’t know if I could be any more excited, I can hardly wait!!! Let’s make this happen.



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  1. Hey Adam,

    Im Tom from Sydney in Australia. Ill be around Kathmandu around the same time as you with my partner (dates aren’t definite yet, depending on what I can arrange with work).
    Im pretty flexible with dates though and don’t really have a timeline, and value experiencing as much culture and as many detours as possible.
    Not sold on going with an agency but I feel like a guide/porter might bee a good idea.
    If this seems like something you’re interested in lt me know and we can talk further!


    • Hey Tom,

      Sounds awesome, it seems like we are on the same page and have similar plans in terms of flexibility, detours, etc.

      I prefer not go go with an agency and am still torn about going with a guide/porter; definitely open to the idea though. On one hand I value carrying my own weight and doing things independently, alternatively, I think having a guide can be another way to give back to the local economy and I think that the knowledge that a guide can provide is invaluable.

      I’m definitely interested in seeing if our schedules align. Keep me posted in regards to your booking.

    • Hi guys, I’m also looking to share a guide with other partners. Our dates seems pretty similar.

      I’m talking a nine month differed leave for work and starting with Nepal. I landing on the 10th in Kathmandu and hoping to find partners to do the Annapurna circuit 21 days (or so). I’m leaving on the 9th of november, so I’d like to get started not too long after i get there. I have hiking experience. I’ve done many multiday trek but never 21. I’m just coming back from Peru in june and I did the Santa Cruz and Salkantay trek. I’m in shape but i’m not a super fast hiker. I did some independant treking in Mongolia 2 year ago but it was really easy to find our way since we were following a river to the top. I would also like to hire a guide. I think i’m gonna carry all my gear. .

      Keep me posted if you’d be interested that i join you! 🙂

  2. Hello guys,

    i’m Johannes from Germany, I recently finished my studies and I’m going for a 5 months trip starting in Nepal next week (arriving 11th or so). I also want to do the Annapurna Circuit and my plans are basically the same like yours. I’ve travelled to several countries already but don’t want to hike alone, so i’m trying to find some people to go along with.
    I’m very flexible, as I didn’t book a second flight yet.

    Just let me know if you’re interested to travel with me 🙂