Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hey everyone,

My name is Harley and i’m 20 years old from Canada. Ive been backpacking for the last 3 years and have been to quite a few places, although never Nepal… I love trekking and have done so in Indonesia as well as Peru. I would really like to do the trek without a guide or porter as it seems that the trail is quite commonly travelled and should be easy enough to manage without any guides. Obviously it would be alot more fun if i had other trekkers to walk with for at least part of the trip. Im open to staying in guesthouses or in tenets, or maybe a combination of both. Im physically fit enough to walk at whatever pace other people are comfortable at… it would be nice to push myself at times but also just relax and enjoy the views. Ill be in Kathmandu on the 7th of November and will probably stay in Nepal until mid December. If anyone has overlapping dates or is also looking for a trekking buddy i would love to exchange details and dates and hopefully be able to meet up!




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  1. Hi Harley,
    This is Sophie, from San Francisco Bay Area, have done a lot of trekking in California and Tibet, highest summit 18000 ft, 5400M, pretty comfortable with high elevation and strenuous hike, teahouse sounds logistically sound, given unpredictable weather condition. I am planning to get to Kathmandu on 10th of November and can stay up to 2 weeks for trekking. Please let me know if timing and 2 week duration works out for you.

    • Hey Sophie, would love to meet up for the trek. Sent you a msg!

  2. Hi guys!
    Are you still looking for someone ? Really interested in !
    I’m Andrea from France, I’m in Nepal for 2 months until mid December. Feel free to contact me 🙂

  3. Hi folks, just want to know if you guys will be trek via Chame? If so wanna see can have the jeep shared or not.

    This is my confirmed schedule:
    6th landed KTM and on the same day having bus to Basisarah.
    7th Basisarah to Chame.

    p.s. I have my own guide and trek w/ my dad. I aimed to find a partner to share the cost of vehicles, if possible.

  4. Hey Harley, i Would like to Join you als well.
    I just arrived in Kathmandu and Plan to do the annapurna circuit,
    About me: i am 21 years old and from Hamburg, Germany.
    Would be Nice to do the Trek together.