Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hey there!

I’ll be arriving in Kathmandu from Vancouver on November 6th and am hoping to explore for a few days and then begin trekking around the 10th. This is my first time travelling in the area, so I would love to join up with some like-minded travellers! My goal for the trek is to keep a good pace but enjoy the stops along the way! Let me know if you have similar plans. I would be happy to shift my schedule if it meant spending my time in Nepal with great new friends!




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  1. Hey Emily! sent you a msg… would love to do some trekking together, looks like we have similar plans!

  2. hihi Emily, I am looking to depart Kathmandu on Nov 6 and trek along ACT for around 14-18 days. If this timeline works for you pls let me know.! Cheers

  3. Hi Emily, This is Sophie from San Francisco.
    I am looking to depart Kathmandu around Nov 9-11th, and do the ACT for around 14-15 days, if this time line works for you, please let me know, Cheers!

  4. Hi Emily
    My name is Gregg Kimber and I live in Bellingham, WA. I’m semi-retired and have a flexible schedule. I was planning to hike with a friend (Annapurna/Upper Mustang) from Bellingham, but that looks like it might fall through. It’ll be my first time in the area (my friend has been 3 times) so I thought I’d put out a feeler to like minded trekkers, I backpack all over the Western USA and am comfortable with 15 miles a day. I hiked the JMT last summer in 18 days (with lots of side trips). I am fine at 14,000’+ , so I assume I’ll be able to acclimate to 18,000′. I’m happy hiking at any speed (you said it well). I would prefer not to have a porter or guide (work it out as we go), but no big deal.
    Take Care

    p.s. If you want to do a dayhike around Mt Baker/North Cascades, shoot me an email.

  5. Hi Emily !
    I’m looking for partners around the same date, if you are still looking for someone, please send me a message ! I’m already in Nepal and might be in pokhara around the 6th of November !

  6. Hey! I have similar but very loose plans. I’ll arrive in KTM on the 31st and maybe look around for a few days while I firm up plans and head to a starting point. Are you still forming a group? I’d love to get involved.

  7. Hi Emily!
    I have similar plans! I’d like to start hiking on the November 13th. Have you already formed a group?
    I’d love to from you!

    • Hi Sophie and Emily,

      I was planning to start trekking on Nov 13th if you want to meet up.

  8. Hello Emily
    Have you decided a date yet? I am actually in Pokhara and ready to make the trek. I am waiting for other people because it is more fun. I am a 26 years old French man. Do not hesitate to contact me back and may be we can meet before, or you can send me directly the departure date,

    Have a good day and see you!!