Annapurna Circuit Trek


I’ll arrive in Kathmandu the 22nd of September. I have a flight out of Kathmandu the 8th of October so I want to finish the trek and be back in Kathmandu by the 7th of October.

My plan is to sort out the permits on the 23rd of Sept and then start the AC around the 24-25th. I don’t mind doing the first part by jeep/bus.

Anyone planning to trek during the similar dates? I’m open to other treks as long as it works with my flights.



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  1. Hey, it looks like our plans are similar. If you are still looking give me a shout. I arrive in KTM on Sept 20. I am open to either AC, EBC or even Dhaulagiri panorama trek.

    • Hi! Sounds great, I saw that you’ve been in Nepal before. I’d be open to doing the other treks as well.
      But I’m no super experienced trekker, I wouldn’t want to slow you down haha. Let me know what you think! would be awesome to go together!
      When are you flying out of nepal?

  2. I am planning, as usual, to take a bus down to Lumbini and cross into in India. So no flying out. I’ll send you a PM.

  3. Hey Julia, I arrive the 21st and want to start the AC no later than the 25th.

    Where do you plan on starting and ending? One option would be to trek to Jomsom and then split from there, if there’s a time crunch.

    My preference would be to do the whole circuit on foot, which might be tight in ~14 days.

    • Hi Jacob!
      plans has changed, I’m doing the ABC instead. Starting from Pokhara on the 24th, planning on getting back to ktm on the 7th of October. 🙂