Annapurna Circuit Trek

I’m a 26 year old performer from Amsterdam and planning to do the Annapurna Circuit starting around the 13th of februari. Looking for an awesome adventure and hope to meet some great people!

I’m looking to do the full trek as well as a few side trips, finishing somewhere in the 18-20 day range. I’m pretty flexible about a lot of things (pace, budget, etc.)

Hit me up!




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  1. Hi,

    I’m Kim from Canada and I’m also looking at doing the Annapurna Circuit in February this year! I arrive in Nepal on the February 10th so I’d be looking at starting soon after that. I’m pretty flexible with just about everything though. Let me know what your plans are and maybe we can figure something out!

    • Hey Kim!

      Sorry for the late respons! Doing a yoga teacher training now in Goa and the wifi isn’t that reliable.

      I’ll be arriving in Kathmandu on the 11th. Will need to gear up before traveling to Pokhara cause i only brought my own hike boots, no warm clothing…

      In terms of where to start and where to stay i haven’t really figured it out yet. I do wanna visit the ice lake (side-trek) and the Hot springs of Chame.

      I leave on the 4th of march back to Amsterdam, so have 3 weeks to do the trek.

      You can reply me on or add me on facebook Mats van der Mark, 26, from amsterdam.

      Would be awesome if we could figure somethig out!

      Hope to hear from you,


  2. Hey!

    I’m Petter from Sweden. I’ll be landing in Kathmandu feb 13th and I’m also interested in doing the Annapurna circuit.

    Hoping to find some nice people to team up with and make plans. Super flexible with exact plans/dates etc as long as I can be back in Kathmandu by March 6th. I’d probably also need a day or so to get some last gear but would then be ready to head out at any time!

    Let me know if you’re still going and would like to talk further!


  3. Hey, I am Alina 23 from Germany. I am wondering if you still stick to your plans. I am already in Kathmandu and would head towards pokhara the next days. Also interested in trekking the annapurna circuit independently. Let me know what your plans are.
    Cheers Alina

    • Hi Alina

      Don’t know about Mats or Kim but I’m still trying to put a little group together. I’ll arrive in Kathmandu on Monday 13th and would ideally head out feb 16ish but I’m quite flexible with dates depending on what works for other people etc.

      I’d be very open to suggestions regarding exact dates, route etc.

      Let me know here or just pm me if you’d like to discuss further!


  4. Hi Mats and others!

    Very last minute, but worth a try, I’m Odile (23) from the Netherlands and also looking to do an Annapurna trek starting this week!
    I’m heading to Pokhara tomorrow morning and will be free to start a trek anytime after that. I do have a flight out of Kathmandu on the 2nd of March, so it’s probably a max of 12 days for me! (ABC I guess!)

    Let me know if that works for any of you guys!