Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi everybody,

I’m doing the Annapurna Ciruit around the 12th of march, got one really cool travelbuddy so far.

Let me know if you want to join and we can meet up in Pokhara/Kathmandu the 10th of march or something.

Greetings from Amsterdam



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  1. Hi Gunbritt

    I am coming to Kathmandu early March and looking to do a trek around the time you plan to. Are you still looking for a partner?


  2. Hey Gunbritt,

    I´m planning to head to Pokhara on March 12th and to start the Annapurna Base Camp Trek a few days later.
    Let me know if the ABC Trek is also an option for you and if you´re still looking out for partners.


  3. Hi Gunbritt,

    any news about your plans? If you’ll do the Annapurna Circuit Trek we might do it toghether if you are still looking for partners. I planned to start a little bit earlier, but I might be able to reschedule my plans a bit.

    So if you’re interested just drop me a line,


  4. Hi there,
    I’m coming to do the circuit with in 14 days starting at the same day, I’m alone and many people said it’s doable but some people said it’s not safe to do it alone. So I just found this site and I was looking for partners …. and here we go there is almost 3 more people 🙂
    I’ll be happy if you accepted me to keep things safe and fun.


  5. Hi Gunbritt!

    I’m looking to do a trek around this time and was also having a hard time deciding between these two treks. The Everest Circuit Trek kind of seems like the best of both worlds if you want to check that out. Definitely let me know if you would like to go together though!

  6. Hey, I’m Rebekah- I’m having a hard time choosing too! I’m looking to leave around those that date but am flexible. I’d love to not actually walk alone as I’ve been warned its not safe but it sound so amazing. Let me know if you’re interesting in going together.

  7. Hi Ryan here wondering if trip is still on and if you could use another walking partner?

  8. Hey there!

    I just arrived today in kathmandu and was wondering if the plan is still on? have kind of the same schedule (annapurna in 16-18 days) so it would be cool if I could join you guys?

    Gr. Jasper