Annapurna Circuit Trek

*** I’m no longer going on this trip, but I’m leaving it online because others are – if you message me I can pass on their details ***

Hi everyone,

I’m planning to arrive in Kathmandu on the 22nd December, spend maybe 2 nights there sightseeing, getting permits and supplies before taking a bus to Besisahar on the 24th and starting the trek! I estimate the trek will take around 18 days but I’m pretty flexible and easygoing – don’t mind slowing down or doing sidetrips if the opportunities present..

I’m Jeremy, 32 years old, originally from Singapore but grew up in The Netherlands and Australia (Western Australia is home) and I’m currently living in Taiwan. I’m a friendly, outgoing, easygoing person, if you want to find out more maybe read the references on my CouchSurfing profile:

I’d say I’m slightly fitter than average and go uphill pretty fast but am abit slow on downhills due to an old skiing knee injury. I haven’t been to Nepal before and the only other long hike I’ve done is the West Highland Way in Scotland (for the 2nd time in August 2016).

It would be great to have some company, for sure this is going to be an amazing adventure!




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  1. Hey Jeremy,

    I was planning to head to Nepal on the 20th of December and I’m looking for someone to hike with. I’m flexible on the dates so we could start anytime that week. I’d say I’m somewhere between beginner and intermediate-level when it comes to experience, but I’ve got minimal exposure to high-altitude and winter hiking so this will be my first time too.

    Let me know if you’re down to hike together!

    • Hey Daanish,
      So sorry for the slow reply!! I haven’t logged in here for awhile and missed the email.
      It would be great to hike together but I’m not 100% sure of my plans yet due to work commitments, I’d likely only be able to confirm in December… I know this is kinda last minute so I don’t expect you to wait around if you find another group.
      Have you booked your flights yet?

    • Hey Jeremy,

      No worries mate, I haven’t booked my ticket yet but as mentioned i’ll probably be there from December 20th onwards. Was hoping to start it before the new year anyway. Let’s see how it goes, if you do make the trip it’d definitely be awesome to trek it together!


  2. Hallo Jeremy!

    Ik kan dus nederlands praten?:D

    • haha no sorry I was only in Netherlands when I was 7-8.

  3. Hello all

    Yajing here from Singapore. I am planning to go Nepal in Dec but no solid schedule yet.

    I am beginner level, been to Tibet (not for trekking though), and able to adopt to any situation.

    • Hey fellow Singaporean! I’m not 100% sure of this trip yet, I’ll only be able to confirm in December. Would be great to team up if we’re there at the same time!

  4. Hi! New to this site. Are this Posts still up to date? 🙂 I am arriving in Nepal 9th of december and planning to do the annapurna trek starting 20th. So would be great to find some people to do the trek with! Grtz Rose (31 from Netherlands)

    • Hey Rose! Just sent you a msg on facebook, good timing I’m finalising my plans today!

  5. Hey guys! Do you have an organised group already? I will be in Kathmandu 21st Dec evening and wanted to give myself some time to buy warm clothes etc and be in Pokhara ready to trek around 24th Dec.

    I am an energetic, optimistic person traveling in Myanmar and Philippines since Nov. It would be great to have a team to see the beautiful Nepal! 🙂