Annapurna Circuit Trek


I’m a 25 year old Welsh solo backpacker, currently in lakeside Pokhara and looking to do the APC in a couple of weeks. I have to be back in Varanasi for September 20th, so hoping to complete the circuit in under 2 weeks (ideally 12 days). The owner of my guesthouse has 20 years experience as a guide, and though I can’t really afford to have one accompany us on the trip his advice is free and he’ll be more than happy to help us plan our trip! Also I have a little experience as a guide, though it’ll be my first time trekking in Nepal. If you’re around lakeside and fancy meeting up to talk trek or otherwise, don’t hesitate to message me. Also I haven’t visited the peace stupa yet, so if you fancy a day trip there let me know!
I hate to use the phrase but please no time wasters, I’ll have to extend my visa to do the APC so I’d hate to be flaked out on last minute haha!
Cheers! Jade


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  1. Hey Jade,

    I have posted similar thread on this forum. You can browse it through my profile. If the plans there interest/suit you let me know.

    (Not posting link here as it requires moderator approval.)