Annapurna Circuit Trek

HI I am Aaron, I am from the USA and have traveled a decent amount but this will be my first time to Nepal. So far I have visited Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico, Bahamas, India, France, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, China, HKG, Austria, and Slovakia. My travel style is full of adventure and not worrying if you get lost as that is part of the experience, although I do prefer to not be completely lost.

I am looking to do the Annapurna Circuit early November. Also would love to add lake Tilicho or other side trips as time allows but also can be flexible based on others time periods. If you are interested in joining, let me know. If we can get enough of a group I would love to hire a guide, otherwise I would rather save some money and do it independent.

Let me know if you are interested so we can get a group together.



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  1. Hey Aaron, I’m keen, Have you booked flights yet?

    • Hi Tily yes I have, I arrive Nov 12th at KTM and would like to start around Nov 13 or 14th. Would love to have a trekking partner to share in the adventure. When do you arrive?

  2. Hi Aaron, I will also arrive at Kathmandu the 12th of November, and after a couple of days in the city I am planning to start the Annapurna Circuit Trek. I am also interested on doing side trips (specially the one of the lake)

    It seems that we have similar plans, so maybe we could team up.

    • Hi Daniel, I will send you a message.

  3. Hello Aaron

    Have you decided a date yet? I am actually in Pokhara and ready to make the trek. I am waiting for other people because it is more fun. I am a 26 years old French man. Do not hesitate to contact me back and may be we can meet before, or you can send me directly the departure date,

    Have a good day and see you!!