Annapurna Circuit Trek

Namaste travellers!

I am a New Zealand medical student currently working in Pokhara, Nepal. I’m planning on doing the Annapurna Circuit leaving around the 23/01/2015. I’ve already done some trekking here in Nepal and at this stage am not planning on taking a guide.

I will probably bus or fly out of Jomsom due to road construction, therefore I expect the trek to take less time than usual. Conditions on the Thorung La pass are a bit uncertain (last week most parties did not make it) so we may need to wait in Manang or Ledar for a couple of days.

If you’d like to join, flick me a message!

New Zealand


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  1. Hi!

    Would you consider an altogether different trek?

    This one will require a guide as we would be dealing with crossing snow/Ice. ( rent ice axe and crampons easily)

    I’m in Kathmandu now and hoping to find some companions for the ’ three passes trek’. I have met with a really reliable guide and he says it is going to be challenging but the pass is open.
    Would you be up for the challenge?
    The guide cost is $20 per day. So we would split that @ $10 each. Cheaper if we get more people…,

    There are various routes we can take to fit into your time frame.

    Let me know if you’re interested and we can talk some more. It’s set to be an incredible trip!

    Cheers, josh