Annapurna Circuit Trek, Would love people to join

Hello, we are planning to start our Annapurna Circuit Trek on the 4th of Nov. and we would love to have someone joining us. Will be in Kathmandu on the 1st of Nov, so we could go together from there :). Drop me a line if your dates are same as ours.
(we won’t be hiring any porter)



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  1. Are you still leaving on 4th?
    I am 22 from Belgium, and a volunteer here. I’d love to do annapurna circuit from besi sahar to jomson.
    give me news about your group and plans if possible

  2. Hi,

    I am in Pokhara and i am planing to do the Annapurna c, but there is a strike so no buses to Besi sahar… I am thinking of doing the ABC from Pedhi. U can drive there with a taxi for 10$. If u wanna join please contact me…