Annapurna Circuit Trek

On the 18th of September I’ll arrive in Kathmandu. After a few days in the Kathmandu valley im planning on going to Pokhara from where Ill start the AC somewhere between the 22nd and 24th
I’d like to take time for some sidetreks maybe but won’t mind to do the first part by jeep. Also I would like to do it independently so a few trekkingbuddies would be nice!
My flight out is n the 12th, so I want to be finished around the 9th.
I might also be interested in doing the Sanctuary instead.



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  1. Hello Marjolein,

    I am planning to start the trek on the 20th. We will likely Jeep past besi sahar a bit. Then we will hike to Muktinath (just after the pass), rent mountain bikes and ride them to Tatopani over 2 days. After that we are planning to hike to Annapurna base camp. We are planning 20 days for the trek which should have plenty of time for some side trips. Especially with the time mountain biking and Jeeping to Tal or Dharepani at the beginning will save.

    Let me know if you’d be interested in joining up!


  2. Hello Marjolein – Am planning this trek sometime between 15-20 Sep depending upon my visa/formality clearance . Let me know whats your plan around .. happy to discuss !

  3. Hi, have you made any further plans? seems like we have similar dates planned for the AC. I’m flying to ktm the 22nd and planning on starting the AC around the 24th. Have a flight out of ktm late on the 9th of october.Would be great to join up with you! Let me know 🙂

  4. Hi there. I am Carlos. I am Ecuadorean but I live in Washington DC. I will arrive on Kathmandu on September 16 and my plan is to return on October 3 but I could stay more days. My plan is to do the Annapurna Circuit Treck. It is my first time in Nepal although I had some experience on mountain climbing. Looking for partners!!

  5. Hi Marjolein!
    I’ll be reaching pokhara on 20th September and planning to start Annapurna circuit around 22nd. This is my first time Nepal and I’ll be flying out on 11th October. I would like to check out lesser known trails around pokhara.
    It would be great to meet fellow trekkers in the route.
    Have a great trek everyone! See you around!