Annapurna Circuit Trek

I’m about to buy a flight from Denver to Kathmandu, and will arrive (most likely) the first week of September. I’d like to take my time and explore off the beaten path a bit.

I’m pretty flexible at this point, just looking for interesting people to meet up with and travel with. I’m very experienced in the backcountry, had my WFR (it just expired), and work for a non-profit that takes urban youth on weeklong backpacking & canoeing trips.



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  1. Hey Dave, my name is Josh and I am from Canada. I will be starting the annapurna trek early September and going solo. I don’t have any definite plans as far as the route goes but will have until the end of september. Let me know if your still looking for someone to trek with. I have been in new zealand for the last 6 months doing alot of back country treks and have done countless treks back in Canada as well.

  2. HI.. Is your trip finalized?
    I am reaching KTM on 7th.. and plan to start the trek on 9th.
    If dates work, great to partner up.
    I have hiked in Himalayas once before (EBC 2014).

  3. Hi Dave / Josh ,

    Like yourselves, I plan to arrive in Kathmandu the first week of September. I aim to do the Annapurna trek from 5th Sept and I’m pretty flexible regarding routes! I plan to fly back to the UK at the end of September.

    Let me know if you are still looking for people to trek with?

    I’m an easy going guy, keen to meet and travel with nice people. I have done quite a lot of treks in Southern Africa and South East Asia.

  4. Guys,
    I have posted my plans on main page of ACT forum. You can browse that page through my profile (I hope) or just searching it on main page. Let me know if you are interested.

    (Note posting link to the details as my two other replies are “waiting moderation” perhaps of the link.)

  5. Hey guys !
    I’m Jeanne, French, and I arrived in Katmandu yesterday.
    I’m looking to find some trekking partners for the circuit! I’m a boulderer and rock climber and I love outdoors. I already trekked in India but it’s my first time in Nepal.
    I lived in Washington State and love travelling in general.
    Id be stoked to do this adventure with fun, open minded interesting people! can’t wait.

    I can be around Pokhara or Besi Sahar on tuesday 6th !

    let me know if you’re still looking for partners!