Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hello everyone! I’m Rebeca, 24, from Mexico 🙂
Was wondering if someone would like to join for Annapurna Circuit Trek. I’ll be arriving in Kathmandu on August 1st and start trekking around 3th-4th-5th, depends!
I was thinking on doing a trek of about 15-17 days, just enjoying and exploring around.
I understand we’ve all read/experienced different things about AC, so I’m completely open to plan something based on others ideas or suggestions; I wouldn’t mind going separate ways at some point if that’s necessary (we all know how spontaneous life can be).

So please let me know if you’re interested!
Enjoy 🙂



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  1. Hello rebecca! I am manish and i am from kathmandu Nepal. I work in norway but i am in nepal for vacation. I will be in nepal for some more months and would like to go trekking with other trekkers. I am basically looking for trekking partner since i donot want to do it alone. I can speak nepali and english and can tell you good information about nepal on the way. I am open for all dates and any routes. So if anyone would like to take me along or would like to plan something let me know. I have a home in kathmandu and I am interested to travel. My nepal number is +9779851038052. You can sent message on viber app. Let me know of anything..

    • Hello Manish!
      Right now I’m planning everything with an other girl, we still don’t know our exact route, but the main idea is to start trekking on August 5th from Besishara (Annapurna circuit).
      That’s how our plans are going so far, what about yours?? feel free to message me if our plan suits you


  2. That sounds ok for me… just ring up after you are in kathmandu. I can show you around and we can discuss also about route. I also want to start the trek from besisahar…