Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hello! I’m planning on taking between 17-21 days to do the full Annapurna circuit This will be my longest trek I have ever completed and I’m looking for some people to join me! I will be arriving in Pokhara a few days before my trek to hopefully hook up with at least one other person and get all my gear in order.

I’m still getting the logistics figured out, but I would like to start walking sometime in the beginning of March. I have some experience trekking before. This year I climbed Mt. Fuji and Mt. Rinjani in Lombok.

Looking forward to hearing from ya!



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  1. Hi, I’ve been looking at a budget Annapurna Circuit, I’ve heard it’s very touristy but still stunning and you don’t need a masters degree in navigation so this all sounds very appealing. I’m going to fly to KTM at the beginning of March and I’m hoping to meet people to walk with. I think I’ll be alright fitness wise if it’s sensible.
    I can’t wait to get at those shops, I mean mountains! 🙂

    • Hey Katie, when would you like to start walking? I also have read similar information. I’m sure you are in fine shape. I don’t think you need to be a major athlete to complete this. Are you definitely going to do the Annapurna Circuit for about 20 days?

  2. Hi Hannah.
    I am going to trek annapurna circuit around that time too. This is my first trek. I hope that i can join someone that have trekking experience.

  3. Hi Hannah!
    I am in if your plan still on.
    I have trekking experience only in thailand. Let say..this is my first solo longer trip aboard in my life….vmy time is not fix only I need to back by mid of March.

    Please Let me know. Thank you.

  4. Hello Hannah
    I’m flying into Nepal on the 2nd March and I’m looking for trekkers to trek with.
    I’m also planning to do the APC in about 20 days starting 8-10 March, I would also like to trek to Tilicho Lake on the way round the APC as it’s one of the highest lakes in the world and it looks a beautiful place to be!
    I’ve been hiking around Thailand for the last 8 months so I’m reasonably fit and healthy.
    If you’re interested in making a group of trekkers please contact me 🙂

  5. I could join.

  6. Hi Hannah, are you still looking for people to trek with. I arrive in Kathmandu March 8 and am planning on doing the annapirna circut as well

  7. Hey I arrive tommorow.