Annapurna Circuit Trek


I am planning a trip to Nepal in February, unfortunately my time off work is allocated and I don’t know anyone else who can take the same two weeks off. I am looking for trekking partners for the Annapurna region for around 10 days in mid-February. I was planning on taking my tent so that I didn’t have to stay in lodges every night, but I’d not be adverse to that.

Anyone who would be interested in joining me please let me know.



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  1. Hey Kate, I´d also love to explore the Annapurna Region around that time. I would love to go to the ABC, but I could only start at 13.02., because of an Meditation Course. I would be happy to do it without a guide, but I´d love some company for this amazing experience. just let me now, if you are interested

  2. Hi Kate, I’m really interested in joining up with you. I’m flying into New Delhi Feb. 9 and then taking another flight the same day to Kathmandu. I love trekking and wanted to hike around the Annapurna district. Would love to join you, but would need a day to adjust after the long travel. Please let me know the details of your plans.

  3. Hi Kate, I’m interested in joining you. I would be able to arrive in KTM around the same time, and the duration also suits my plan. Just let me know if you are still looking for partners.

  4. hey i am interested ,,, if u r looking for a partner feel free to contact me ,…cheers