Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi Guys,

i’m Felix (32) an easy going german traveler 🙂
In my early 20s i decided to buy a round the world ticket.
After that amazing year i have to leave my country at least once a year for a bigger trip haha
So here we go 🙂 2016 it will be the Annapurna Circuit Trek… and i guess the same for you 🙂

I’m lucky enough that i could leave my job for 3,5 weeks… so i’m not super flexibel on my dates.
I’ll post my schedule later on at the bottom.

I’m that kind of guy that really doesn’t mind to travel alone… because it never took me long to meet nice people. It really is my first time looking on the internet for a buddy and i’m not really sure how this will work out :D. The good thing about traveling “alone” is that you can choose whom you want to be with… and if it doesn’t work out (for what ever reason) it is very easy to split. So look for same minded people… i guess a Skype session beforehand is not a bad idea to discuss stuff in detail.

My poor students days are over 😉 so my tent and cooking stove will stay at home. Guesthouse/Teahouse will replace my tent and i hear they offer good food as well… so everything i’ll bring with me is some clothes, sweets, muslibars and my sleepingbag. I’m a fan of traveling light and try to cut out all things that i don’t really need. So my backpack should be light to enjoy hiking as much as possible 🙂
I’ll carry my own stuff… but you are free to bring your Porter if you like to… no problem for me.

I’ll will try to find a guide in Pokhara because i want give something back to the locals… i think a guide cost around 20-30$ a day.
I think he will be handy for reservations in guest house… and for emergency situations. Of Course he should know the way and also agree on my route… and if i/we spend 18 days time with a local guide i hope there is a lot of cultural exchange what i hope is the biggest Plus by haven a guide. But i’m only going to hire one… when i feel he is the right guy… “worst” case i will just start hiking on my own and sure will find people soon enough 🙂 Oct. is the busiest time anyway haha

I think 30$ per day should be fine for food an accommodation? (30×18= 540$ for 18 days)
I can pay for the guide… as i’m getting one with or without a partner. If we do the whole trip together… it would be nice if you put some money in as well 🙂

I would like to do the full Trek in 18 days… i know there are building “roads” since 2009 or even earlier. Some research on the internet showed me there are now side treks off the road so it is still possible to hike the full thing without getting hit by a car 😉 hehe
Sure thing i double check the side trek story once i’m in Nepal.

Timetable… I plan day 1 to be the 3rd of Oct.
I got that also in Excel… much better to read… send me a message if interested.

Day Destination (Elevation in m) (Hiking in h incl. breaks) (distance in km) (ascent/descent in m)

0 Besisahar (823)
1 Bahundanda (1295) (7:38) (19.6) (803/-342)
2 Jagat (1305) (5:16) (11.1) (486/-467)
3 Dharapani (1893) (8:51) (15.9) (1179/-566)
4 Khoto (2618) (6:30) (15.3) (1089/-349)
5 Upper Pisang (3279) (6:23) (18.8) (921/-316)
6 Ngawal (3682) (6:13) (11.7) (737/-369)
7 Manang (3558) (3:43) (9.2) (248/-348)
8 Manang (3558) (3:54) (6.0) (456/-437)
9 Yak Kharka (4038) (4:06) (10.5) (621/-154)
10 Thorung Phedi(4533) (2:56) (7.5) (636/-61)
11 Muktinath (3693) (10:26) (17.1) (897/-1784)
12 Marpha (2687) (7:37) (24.5) (353/-1366)
13 Kalopani (2541) (6:24) (19.1) (254/-397)
14 Dan (1448) (6:25) (17.7) (209/-1285)
15 Shikha (1951) (7:06) (14.7) (880/-357)
16 Tadapani (2710) (10:39) (18.4) (1667/-957)
17 Landruk (1602) (6:14) (11.1) (337/-1380)
18 Phedi (1167) (8:10) (16.3) (753/-1186)

Total (118:31 h of hiking) (264.50 km) (12526 m ascent) (-12121 m descent)
Daily everage (6:35 h of hiking) (14.69 km) (695.89 m ascent) (-673.39 m descent)

Check out that link here for the GPS Map (scroll a little bit down to find the Googlemap with Elevation)



2 replies
  1. Very detailed plan (no surprises here ;), but i will take liberty to correct you and suggest some ideas)
    Bahundanda is closer then it looks. Should be around 5 hours from Besi. Also i would suggest you start trekking on the same day from Besi (the place is boring, noisy and not worth spending time unless you end your trek there). 3-4 hours will get you to Bhulbule-Ngadi, 5+ Bahnundanda. But most likely you will arrive in Besi around 15, so you can make it to Ngadi just when it starts to get dark.
    I would recommend Tal village over Jagat. The feeling and lightning in the morning in Tal are amazing. Jagat can’t compete.
    Also Dharapani vs Timang. Timang is over the hill, surrounded by maple trees and forest with the view over vallet. Dharapni is down in the valley. Starting from Timang in the morning is amazing. And there is very good lodge with wooden cabins.
    In my past travels i did:
    1. Besi 2. Gharme (8h) 3. Tal (7h) 4. Timang (9h)
    1. Besi-Bhulbule (3h) 2. Tal (10h) 3. Timang (6h)

    Pisang to Ngawal is about 3 hours. Even if you stay in Ghyaru for a lunch it will be less than 6 hours. Not sure it is worth staying in Ngawal, or if you stay you don’t need second day in Manang. Considering you will make it from Ngawal in 3-4 hours that is before the lunch.
    I would also suggest Larjung over Kalopani for the morning start it is much more better than Kalopani.
    And about Dan to Shikha. Can’t quite remember Dan village, but it is before Ghasa, so it is 3 hours from Ghasa to Tatopani and 4 to 5hours to Sikha. And you will be going very much uphill from Tatopani to Shikha. Shikha is nice, but i doubt you will not be too tired to do it. There is also psyhological pressure ’cause you will be going down for 4-5 days and then there is a big climb again)
    Last time i stayed overnight in Tatopani and walked to Shikha for the Circuit was taking its toll on me. It was more then enough for a day) But i did Larjung to Tatopani (7h) the day before.
    Enjoy your trip) Gute Reise!

  2. Normally average budget is about 22 per day without alcohol (all permits and etc included), but better count 30 (just in case).
    If you must have a guide you can look for a porter that is about to become a guide (it is a middle layer between the two). Like a caterpillar going to turn into butterfly:) they speak English already and prepare themselves to be guides, yet charging less for officially they are not guides yet. But then you will realize you did not need a guide.