Annapurna Circuit Trek

We are full, sorry!

Hi everyone,

I arrive in Kathmandu on the 20th of September, plan on staying for a few days there and then head to Besi Sahar to start the trek end of September. We could think about hiring a guide too if you want.
I´d rather take my time than rushing it and inscreasing risk of altitude sickness and plan 16 – 18 days for now, but we can always shorten it and finish at Jomsom.



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  1. Hi Carola,I will be arriving Nepal on sept. 6 looking to do the ebc first,hopefully to make it to the annapurna by 25-26

    • Hi Peter,

      Sounds good, although I don’t wanna leave much later than 25th/26th. Did you plan some rest days in between ebc and Annapurna? And just mentioning again that I’m not gonna be going very fast (I’m not super unfit, but just not very fast on steep parts, partly because my knees are not the best), so just be aware of that, I don’t wanna slow anyone down 😉

  2. Hi Carola,
    I’m planning to do the Annapurna circuit trek in the last week of Sept. Just like you, i too would like to go easy on my knees and if necessary would take an extra day to finish the trekking.My dates are not yet confirmed,As of now my plan is to reach nepal by 25 or 26 th of Sept

  3. I want to finish the the treck before october 10th,so I will probablt need to start not after the 28th,are you starting from katmandu or phokara?

    • I was gonna take a bus from Kathmandu to Besi Sahar. The sooner we can go the better, I’d rather have some extra time than having to push it

  4. Hi Carola,
    I arrive in Nepal late August and am looking to start the trail the same time as you. Sooner the better so we don’t have to rush. Taking our time sounds like a great idea. I’m looking to do it without porters or guides. I’d like to be finished before October 10th as well.

    I sent you a direct message with more details before finding this post.

  5. Hi Carola,
    i will arrive in Kathmandu in the middle of September. I’d like to the the AC-Trek too and like to start between the 17.-25. of September.

    • Hi Jochen,

      Currently we’re a group of 2, maybe 3 (then possibly with a day of mountainbiking) starting the ACT on the 24th. We’re planning to do the full circuit in 17/18 days with the option of finishing earlier in case of knee troubles etc.

      Up to 4 people in the group would be fine!

    • Hey,
      sound good. I prefer to start a few days earlier because I have some other plans in October, but i will look if I can change this so I can start at the 24th of September and go with you. That would be fine.


  6. Hi Carola,

    I am planning on being in Khatmandu for a workshop from the 09th until 23rd of Sept and then would like to starti around that time 24th 25th. Similarly to what some people mentioned, I would need to finish before the 09 Oct and get back to work 🙁 Agree it is better to take it slow and finish earlier at Jomson if needed.

    • Hi Bernardo,

      I’m still waiting for the confirmation of two other trekkers (Jochen and Josh) who might come along and if they’re both in, our group would be full already!
      I’ll let you know if someone isn’t going!

  7. Hi Carola,

    I have similar plans as well. Will be arriving in Kathmandu on 24th sep and can start trekking after a day for getting permits. Planning to start the trek from Besisahar. So if your group is not full then let me know.

    Happy trekking.


    • Hey Satheesh, I’m afraid you’re a day too late then as we have to start on the 24th so that my trekking partner can catch his flight!

  8. No problem. Hope you hv a good experience.

  9. Hello everybody! I’ll arrive on the 18th and am planning to start the AC somewhere between the 22nd and 24th! Would love to join in if its still possible!

  10. I’m arriving on the 21st and want to start the AC NLT the 25th.

    Carola, is your group full now?

    • Hi, the group is full, yes. Sry…