Annapurna Circuit Trek

Me and a friend are trekking the AC this November/December. We arrive in Kathmandu on the 15th and aim to begin trekking two days later. We aren’t planning on guides or porters and I want to do Upper Pisang and Tilicho Lake.

If you’re doing the trek, or just want to hang out in Nepal sometime in November/December then feel free to get in touch.

South Africa


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  1. Hey Shai, I’m arriving in Kathmandu on the 15th of Nov also. I was planning to check out Kathmandu for a day or two and then head out trekking for up to 10 days, maybe more. Still undecided about all the plans but I’d love to meet up with you and your friend and explore Annapurna with you 🙂

    • Cool! We’re in Kathmandu for two days. I’d love to join up with some others. Super stoked to be out there.

    • Sweet, we will have to share details closer to the date and meet up 🙂

  2. Hey! I’m arriving in Nepal on the 12th of November and I’m keen to do the full Annapurna Circuit plus side treks. Are you still looking for people to hang out with/walk with? I’m planning on spending a month in Nepal and then a month in India 🙂

    • I arrive 13th of november to katmandu, and would like to do the AC. I´m will be only 15 days but we could start together the trek! 🙂

  3. Hey Shai, I haven’t made any flights yet but plan to trek the AC in November. Are you guys still looking for some trekking partners? I also want to do Lake Tilicho and Upper Pisang

  4. Hi Shai, I am also planning to be around Nepal from mid November, and Annapurna is definitely among the top priorities. Let me know if you guys are still looking for somebody to add to the group!

  5. Hey Shai! Send me a msg if you and your mate are still keen on doing some trekking in november… ill be around for nov/dec and am looking for some people to trek with. cheers!

  6. Hey Shai!
    Sounds like you got plenty of interest. I am planning on arriving in Kathmandu on the 17th and then trekking the Annapurna Circuit soon after. Once I get my plane ticket and plans fully in order I’ll reach out to you again to see if you guys still have space. I was initially planning on hiring a guide, but will know by end of week.


  7. Hey there! I will arrive in Kathmandu on the 14th of November. I would love to do the Annapurna Circuit with maybe some side trips and maybe go to the Base Camp at the end… starting on the 16th of November or something. I want to stay in Nepal for about 30 days! If you are still looking for some company, please message me! 🙂