Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi there!

I’m looking for a trekking buddy (or two!) to do the ACT in October.
I’ve decided to trek without a guide or a porter and I plan on spending up to 3 weeks on the trail and I’m pretty much flexible when it comes to the departure dates and possible side trips.

I’m not a crazy trekker, I’m fairly fit but I’m not into breaking some ACT time/speed/whatever records, I’d rather take a day off if needed than push my body to its limits.
Same thing goes for you, If you need to rest- we rest, because I’m a true believer than when it comes to trekking together we should be able to count on each other when needed and that nobody gets left behind.

So basically to sum everything up : I want to enjoy the trek, take pictures and experience the beauty of the Himalayas. I’m an open minded person, I love photograpy, music, pancakes, Marvel movies, travelling (duhh) and sharing stories.

If your attitude towards ACT is similar to mine and you think that we could get along- hit me up, I’d love to meet you!

(PS points for you if you’ve noticed my Disney reference)



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  1. Hi

    I’m also planing on doing the ACT this october(flexible on start time). My ambition is similar to yours. I’d like to take my time to be able to really appreciate the views and the area, take pictures, and stuff like that, and not rush throught the cirkuit as fast as possible.

    So if you are still looking for a trekking buddy I’d be up for it

    • send you a private message! 🙂

  2. Hi Daga,

    My plans are similar but I’d like to skip the dusty road portion by taking a Jeep and use the days that were saved to do an offshoot trek to Lo Manthang (Lost Kingdom of Lo). Please read my post and let me know what you think if we can combine our plans.


  3. Hi, I am interested in trekking in October. Can you please tell more about your plans please.

  4. Hi i’m interested too this sounds right up my alley. No porters or excessive tourism stuff except for staying at teahouses buying own food etc care for one more? greg

  5. Hi there,

    I like the idea of a fairly laid-back trek to enjoy and photograph the amazing view. Have you finalized your plan yet? I’m thinking of a Tilicho lake side trip if time and weather permits. Do let me know, if our plan matches and you’re OK with it, I’d like to join in. Cheers.

  6. Hi Daga
    I am also a solo traveller hoping to start the trek very beginning of Oct. My thoughts are very similar to yours- no guide/porter and taking around 3 weeks, lots of photos and rests when necesarry! I’m flexible with dates and side treks etc. I havnt booked my flight yet bt looking to arrive in Kathmandu around 1st Oct. Let me know if you are still looking for a buddy or have a group I could join. Thanks, Cat

  7. Hello! I’m also interested in Annapurna Circuit. Still looking for people? What dates are you coming to Kathmandu? I’m from Chile and planning to trekk, but I don’t want to go on my own and I would love to join a group or female company. Good luck!