Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi all!
My name is Viviana and I come from Italy. I would like to trek the Annapurna Circuit in August 2016, starting from 8th of August ( date to be confirmed). I am looking for travel partners to tag along and share an amazing experience. My budget is low-moderate.
I still need to plan most of the trip and I am open to suggestion!!



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  1. Hi Viviana
    I am also interested in trekking Annapurna in August but haven’t made any plans yet, please let me know if you want company! The website below gives some tips about doing the trek in monsoon which should be useful

    Thanks, Andy 🙂

  2. Hi Viviana, I am planning in August too. I have 2 weeks off of vacation and need to book my flight by next weekend. I am down to join you, and my friend Hannah might come as well. We are super fun girls, and love to explore. Feel free to call me, as I need to book the trip asap, but we can always plan after:)

  3. Hai viviana, I have aleady booked my ticket and will reach by 3rd of August. Please let me know your plans.

  4. Hi Viviana, I will arrive Kathmandu on 7 August. I am planning a trek from 18 to 28 August, maybe sooner. I will make detail and get permit when arrive Kathmandu. Nice to see you

    • Hi Phoebe, I arrive to Kathmandu in the morning of 8th and I would like to go on trekking a few days later. I haven’t decided the route yet (therefore I am very flexible), if you’d like to hook up – let me know. 😉

  5. Hey Viviana,

    I am planning to trek Annapurna around 8 August as well.
    I will have 3 weeks to do it, so I am able to adjust my plans to do it with the other like minded people.
    Please let me know, if you would like to hire an agency or a guide or you prefer to do it on your own.


  6. Hi I’m Sally and I’m 27 from Australia. I arrive in Kathmandu on August 3 and I also want to do the entire Annapurna Circuit trek independently, taking 14 days or so. I want to make a side trip to Tilicho Lake!

    I’ve read most of the trek will be in the rain shadow after the first couple of days anyway. I am open to hiring a guide, but would prefer not to.

    • Hi Sally! I’ve just only seen your post, minutes after I uploaded my own trip! I am looking for some company on the Annapurna Circuit trek and our dates seem to match! Feel free to check out my post and shoot me a message if you’re interested!

    • Hi sally look for my comment below

  7. Hi Viviana!! I’m Víctor and I’m 26 from Spain! I would like to starting Annapurna circuit from 8th August. I am looking for travel partners to tag along. Feel free to send me a message.


  8. Hello everyone! I’m Bashir and I’m 22 from Lebanon 🙂 will be arriving in KTM on the 3rd of august and looking for other trekkers going to annapurna around that time! Let me know if anyone wants to come along 😀

  9. Hello everyone! I am manish and i am from kathmandu Nepal. I work in norway but i am in nepal for vacation. I will be in nepal for some more months and would like to go trekking with other trekkers. I am basically looking for trekking partner since i donot want to do it alone. I can speak nepali and english and can tell you good information about nepal on the way. I am open for all dates and any routes. So if anyone would like to take me along or would like to plan something let me know. I have a home in kathmandu and if someone would like to come and stay with my family before heading to trekking feel free to write me up as well. I am interested to travel. My nepal number is 9851038052. Let me know of anything..