Annapurna Circuit Trek

Hi everyone!

I’m planning on hiking the Annapurna Circuit Trek in October and would love to find some people to do it with. I really haven’t planned out many of the details yet, and could be open to going completely alone (with other trekkers), or with a guide and/or porter.

A bit about me: I’m English but have spent the majority of my life in the US. I lived in the Middle East for 4 years and then in Texas before attending NYU. I currently live in LA and work for a tech company. I love music, hiking, Pilates, reading and of course traveling.

I’m planning to travel all of October-December starting in Nepal, then heading to Indonesia and through the Middle East. I’m planning on arriving in Kathmandu the night of Friday October 7th, so ideally would like to set out on the 9th or 10th.

Let me know if anyone would like to form a trekking group!



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  1. Hi Molly , the Annapurna circuit is great, but if you are looking for a trek that has been described as the Annapurna trek before it was spoilt then try the Manaslu Circuit. Considerably better , more culture and no roads. And if you are looking for a fantastic guide then contact Siri Pokhrel. Very kind polite and knowledgeable man.

  2. Hi Molly,

    I’m also planning on hiking the Annapurna Circuit Trek in October and have been wary of the ‘construction/new road’ warnings as mentioned above. I’m thinking about taking a Jeep pretty far up the circuit and using the days saved on either end to explore the lower mustang area and Lo Manthang (last forbidden kingdom). Its a restricted area so there is an additional permit fee, but it looks/sounds like the real deal. 🙂

    I have several friends from high school who have done it, that can recommend guides and spent a few years living in Nepal. I’m not sure how long flexible you are with timing since you are continuing on to Indonesia, but let me know!

    • Hi Joyce!

      I have also read about the option to take a Jeep past the part of the trail that has roads. I would be down to do that and continue on to the other restricted areas. I don’t have any strict plans and am open to ideas. I have already found a trekking partner on here – Daga, so will just have to make sure she’d be up for it too. Timing wise, I can start as early as October 3rd but don’t want to start later than October 9th/10th. What were you thinking in terms of timing?

  3. Hey Molly,

    My name is Paul, and I am from Texas too actually. I have recently decided on hiking the trail early October. I time off from Work for October 9th-26th (but I can come off earlier to meet you in Kathmandu on the 7th if necessary). I’m flexible as far as what parts of the trail we could do. I’d definitely prefer to join a trekking group if you would be interested. I’m not sure on what your timeline is, but we can fit it within my time off, that would be amazing! Please let me know


  4. Hi Moly, I am from India , lived in USA for 6 years , now I am back to India for good . I have family in Nepal .. I have visited Nepal quite few times , but never trekked , this time I plan to trek . I am open for anything . Let me know your plans if I can join

  5. Hi Molly,
    please read my bio from my lonely planet profile below..
    “I am a school teacher who is taking a career break to do some exploring. I have never done much travelling due to studying and finances but now I feel is the right time to explore more of the planet. I have lots of places I’d like to go but currently no concrete plan. My aim is to fly to Nepal in September and complete the Annapurna circuit. From there I’d like to head to India, Goa and Sri Lanka. I am nervous being a) a first time traveller and b) a lone female and would appreciate any help, tips or recommendations of amazing trips.” I see that you have already found a trekking partner called Daga but I was just wondering if you would be interested in another one? Also have you booked a guide or are doing it by yourself. Let me know if you;re interested in another trekker joining. Many thanks, Mia

    • Hi Mia, I will be on a two month trip starting 20 Sept in Nepal, but would like to explore northern India also. The first few weeks will be spent trekking in Nepal, then travel into India for up to a month. Perhaps we could travel there together for a while? Let me know your thoughts. Cheers, Ash 🙂

  6. Hey Molly,
    I am Keshav living in Delhi NCR in India. I am also planning for my first experience in trekking and Annapurna circuit i have chosen for my first ever experience.
    about me, i am basically a nepali guy but i am since by birth living in India. I am in regular touch with Nepal and i am familiar with Nepals condition as well. I am also looking for trekking partners during my fixed period that will be 5th to 15-18th October’16.
    My days are just fixed coz i am working professional and we dont get leaves on demand 🙂
    Please let me knw in case u r interested in trekking with a new person who knows everything abt trekking but has not experienced it at all.


  7. Hi Molly!
    I’m also planning to visit Nepal this fall and am searching for a hiking tour and/of group to go hiking with in the beginning of Oktober. Am considering the Annapurna Circuit Trek, and getting more excited about it every day.

    I might be up to join you. Could you let me know more about the latest status of your plans?:) Greetings from Holland!

  8. Hi! I’m also planning to do the Annapurna Circuit in October and looking for trekking partners 🙂 I don’t know if you already have a full group but if you don’t feel free to contact me! I’m arriving in Kathmandu the 29th of september but have not yet booked a flight out of Nepal so I’m very flexible. This will be my first stop of a year of traveling in Asia, probably going to India after Nepal. /Sofie from Sweden 🙂

  9. You guys are missing one thing – Dashain fest. This year it is from October 8 to October 13 (or maybe till 11th most active days, not sure). These day you can find it difficult to find transportation and get permits. So you should keep that in mind. On these days and before local people go to their villages and then back in big numbers.

    • Thanks for the info! Great to know. I’m planning on landing in Kathmandu the 4th of October and starting the trek by the 7th.

  10. Ok for the ones who will start the trek on october 7th. It will be very difficult to find transportation out of kathmandu as october 7th is friday and october 8th is the start of main days of dashain featival in nepal. People travel by sitting on top of buses to go out of kathmandu valley to reach their villages. One idea would be to make a group of around 12 to 15 people and hire a private micro buses upto besisahar and share the costs. The public transportation will be crowdy these days. You can google for more information. The hiring of private micro buses can be upto 12 to 15 thousan nepali currency with good bargain mayb upto 10thousand as well. And you have to arrange this before on 5th october itself…..

  11. Also make sure to travel early on october 7th so you dont get stuck up in traffic jam.. literally there is only one major highway that people use to go out of valley and on october 7th it would be normal to get stuck in traffic upto 4 to 5hours just to cross the kathmandu exit point with huge lines ( small exit road)… good luck people… just remember that its the main festival among nepali people so in the villages u will find a lot of people than in the city which will pretty look like abandoned cities. And also arrange the time to reach pokhara maybe after october 13th. Lots of staff from hotels will be still on vacation… and maybe not lot of options for restaurants as well from october 7th to october 13th in pokhara and kathmandu…

    • Hi Manish! Thanks so much for your reply. So I’m actually landing in Kathmandu at 1pm on October 4th. Do you think I will be able to get permits and get acclimatized enough to leave Kathmandu on October 6th. Also, do you think it will be easier to get out of the city on October 6th? Thanks!

  12. Hi molly, Acclimatization should not be problem… i would suggest you to leave kathmandu on 6th… i am not sure for how long will permit office open on a day… maybe u can get permit on 4th itself and try to arrange for transportation on 5th… but expect no sophisticated bus ride upto besisahar… people already start to travel from 1st october but definitely will be much better than 7th… all government offices, private offices and schools are on vacation from 8th so due to heavy load people may be already travelling from 5th or 6th… u can try to get upto besisahar and acclimatize over there… if u need any fuether info do write me message i would be more than happy to help… …

  13. I have compiled Circuit route basic timing, altitudes and some pics

  14. Hey Molly and Manish, I’m not sure what you have decided in terms of trekking and getting out of Kathmandu but if you were thinking about getting a group together and arranging for private transportation I’d be keen. Both myself and my trekking partner arrive on the 5th and we are trying to leave Kathmandu on the 7th. Please let me know.


  15. Hi Molly,
    I am from Mexico , living in the UK . I will be traveling with a friend to India,then we split and I will be arriving at nepal October 7th. I will love to make the hiking the Annapurna Circuit Trek. I am not sure if you already have a full group but if you don’t fell free to contact me !!

  16. Hello Molly and other Trekkers. I also want to do some trekking in Ocotber and am flexible with dates, duration, and pace. I’m in KTM now but headed to Pokhara on the 1st of October. Let me know if you’ve formed a group or want another partner.

    • Hey Tiffany! I’m looking to.finish this trip then head to Ktown and change some gear, grab permits and head out to trek. I’m looking to do ACT and base camp. If that sounds good let me know.
      Cheers, Ray

  17. Hey Molly, I’m finishing up my EBC trek then grabbing permits to do ACT with base camp. If that sounds interesting please let me know.

    Cheers, Ray

  18. Hi everyone, i’m also looking for partners to do the Annapurna circuit. i’m landing on the 10th in kathmandou and would like to start the circuit between the 11th and the 17th. Flexible on those dates. Don’t hesitate to message me 🙂


  19. Hi everyone

    My husband and I landed in Kathmandu yesterday. We are looking to do the Annapurna circuit and hoping to depart in the next couple of days. Please get in touch directly if you have similar plans.